Name a meerkat and you could win!

Hurry, competition ends 24 September

Peoples of Australia,

Good news! My meerkat cousins from far away sands have arrive at Australia Zoo! They have everything they need as they settle into new home, all except one thing – a name!

So, we decide to launch competition to find best name for our new friends (my suggestion of Aleksandr, Aleksandr, Aleksandr and Aleksandr not go down so well). Send in your best names and you could win top prize of adopt one of my handsome cousins.

Hurry! Name game competitions is close on 24 September.

Aleksandr Orlov - Owner of

Here’s how to enter


Submit your choice of meerkat names in the form below, and tell us why you chose them.


Enter your contact details, so we can get in touch if your name is chosen.


Hit submit!

If your name is chosen, you will receive a personalised adoption certificate, a photo of your adopted meerkat, a fact sheet about your new furry friend, and a subscription to Australia Zoo’s email newsletter ‘Zoo Weekly’. You’ll also receive a personalised letter from our owner, Aleksandr Orlov! Terms and conditions apply.

Meerkat 1

  • Mother of three
  • Calm, steady demeanour
  • Adventurous (when it comes to new food!)
  • Distinct dark face mask

Meerkat 2

  • Darkest fur of three sisters
  • Most independent
  • Reserved by nature
  • Takes time with new encounters

Meerkat 3

  • ‘Golden girl’ of sisters
  • Sweet, obliging personality
  • Uses looks to get treats
  • Loves sun baking

Meerkat 4

  • Greyish fur
  • Fussy, especially with food
  • Sticks close to Mum
  • Takes lead from family with new toys & exploring

This competition has now closed. Winning names will be announced on 2 October.

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