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Alex Rappel

Alex is quick to make a bad joke at the wrong time. He's got an unhealthy obsession with the hit TV series 'Friends' and is absolutely incorrigible when it comes to writing. Above all else, Alex loves helping people. In fact, one of the best ways he does this is by telling stories to explain complex ideas.

Stories by Alex Rappel

15 Jun 2016 01:54

The baby ‘boom’ centres of Australia

Written by Alex Rappel

There have never been so many people born on Aussie soil as there are at this time in history. Where are they born, and what will their lives be like?

15 Jun 2016 01:10

How standard drinks differ around the world

Written by Alex Rappel

What exactly is a standard drink? Well, in Australia, you can always look at the side of the bottle to double check! Let's get a little more technical...

18 May 2016 01:49

Looking after your children’s teeth

Written by Alex Rappel

What does it take to keep your children's teeth looking healthy and white? We’ve assembled a go-to guide for when the tooth fairy starts visiting your kids.

18 May 2016 01:20

How to live life like a Bosskat

Written by Alex Rappel

We can help you transform yourself from a regular Aussie...into a Bosskat. All it takes is a bit of attitude, style, savvy...and companionship!

18 Feb 2016 05:01

Headphones, earbuds and healthy ears

Written by Alex Rappel

Your favourite tunes can get you through the day, but are you at risk of hearing loss? We examine headphones and earbuds, and just how loud is too loud.

1 Feb 2016 06:49

The Tourist Rebate Scheme: refunds on holiday shopping

Written by Alex Rappel

Few Aussies are aware they can sometimes claim tax on overseas purchases. We run through the Tourist Refund Scheme & some others so you can take advantage.

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