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Hannah Twiggs

Hannah (or Twiggs as she's known by most of her colleagues) is a non-stop talker, avid snack eater, dog lover and passionate writer. When she's not chatting to journalists or writing up new story angles, Hannah enjoys a good Netflix binge, going away camping with friends and big brunches - preferably with extra bacon.

Stories by Hannah Twiggs

18 Dec 2019 10:28

How to future proof your household budget the easy way

Written by Hannah Twiggs

We all endeavour to save money – whether it’s denying yourself that cappuccino in the morning or cutting back on online shopping. Everyone has their own way to save, especially when it comes to preparing for the holiday season. Last...

17 Dec 2019 08:46

A holiday treat for motorists: Petrol prices in Australia dropped across most cities over Christmas

Written by Hannah Twiggs

In a holiday treat for motorists, petrol prices dropped across most Australian cities in the lead-up to Christmas. Discover our petrol prices breakdown.

4 Dec 2019 11:57

Kids mental health suffering: 1 in 3 parents can’t afford treatment

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Kids mental health could be suffering, with results from our new survey revealing many parents are struggling to recognise symptoms and cover costs.

4 Dec 2019 09:28

Time for a change: A quarter of Aussies have been with the same home and contents insurer for more than a decade

Written by Hannah Twiggs

62% of consumers confirmed that the cost of their home and contents policy had increased since last year 55% said it would only take a $100 (or less) premium increase to motivate them to switchNSW residents will now clearly...

1 Dec 2019 07:26

Gridlock woes: 54% of motorists in our cities feel less safe on roads due to traffic, and blame population growth

Written by Hannah Twiggs

With 79 per cent of Australia’s total population growth occurring in capital cities1 and 19.5 million registered motor vehicles on our roads,2 traffic is a huge concern faced by many Australians. New research has revealed more than half of motorists...

30 Nov 2019 07:27

Sleepless flights: travellers reveal why they take sleeping pills on flights

Written by Hannah Twiggs

With around a third of Australians experiencing insomnia at some point in their lives1 and the economic cost associated with sleep disorders in the country estimated at $36.4 billion,2 a new survey of 300 Aussies who take sleeping pills on...

28 Nov 2019 15:59

Are you storm ready? 3 in 4 homeowners don’t have an emergency plan

Written by Hannah Twiggs

23% of Aussies have experienced damage to their property due to a storm 31% had floods coming into the property 14% had loose furniture break windowsNovember marks the start of storm season; heavy rain, lightning, gusts of wind or...

18 Nov 2019 15:24

Hip-pocket hangover: Common accidents, illnesses and fees affecting schoolies

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Every year, over 80,0001 Australian high school students have celebrated their graduation with a week-long party at the end of November making ‘Schoolies Week’ one of the most significant youth events in the social calendar.However, this ‘rite of passage’ for...

12 Nov 2019 11:53

92% of energy consumers still confused by Default Market Offers

Written by Hannah Twiggs

The majority (92%) of energy consumers surveyed by Compare the Market isn’t sure how Default Market Offers impact their back-pocket.

30 Oct 2019 08:59

Generation Zed’s financial outlook worse as they fall on the FCI scale

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Generation Z's financial outlook is looking bleak in our 2019 Financial Consciousness Index. Learn more about how Aussies aged 18–24 are faring financially.

28 Oct 2019 12:00

2 in 5 Boomers aren’t confident of a comfortable retirement as FCI score worsens

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Compare the Market’s second annual FCI report shows those aged 55 to 64 are losing confidence that they’ll have a comfortable retirement as their FCI score worsens.

28 Oct 2019 11:32

More Aussies unsure if they’re on the best deal for their home loan, credit cards & more

Written by Hannah Twiggs

More Aussies are unsure if they’re on the best deal on their home loan, credit cards & more. Discover the survey results from Compare the Market’s 2019 FCI report.

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