The Best Life Hacks For Your Car


All car owners know that it’s not just buying a vehicle that’s expensive. Taking proper care of it and having it serviced regularly eats up just as much cash over time! If your car is your pride and joy, of course you wanted to maintain its ‘new car’ lustre. Luckily, with our list of top ten trusty car hacks, you can do just that. We’ve included a bunch of information on how to protect your car from damage, how to make your car more comfortable, and how to get out of any sticky car-related situations. Happy driving!


Remember Where You Parked

Car Life HacksEveryone’s forgotten where they’ve parked their car at least once, and probably many more times, before. It might be because you were distracted by a phone call with a friend, you were parking in some enormous parking lot (say, a stadium or an airport), or you’re just a naturally forgetful person. Whatever the reason, trying to locate your car amongst dozens of potentially lookalike vehicles is at best irritating, and at worse horribly confusing.

So you’ll be happy to hear that in this case, technology can come to the rescue! Phone apps such as Park Me Right and Valet are a great way to figure out whether or not you’re heading in the right direction as soon as you hit the car park. Just whip out your phone and it’ll tell you exactly where you parked your car. Easy peasy!


Cool Down A Hot Car In Record Time

During the peak of summer the blazing heat can be absolutely brutal, as all Australians well know. At this time of year, climbing into a car that’s roughly the same temperature as the seventh circle of hell is never ideal!

While you always have the option of blasting the air con, there is actually a much faster and easier way to cool your car down when it’s overheated. Simply roll one of your windows all the way down, walk around to the other side of the car, then open and close the door on that side five to ten times.

There’s an actual scientific reason to explain why this really works: you’re creating a circulating air flow within the car that forces the hot air trapped inside outward. Keep this in mind when you’re trying this car hack out for yourself – you might look a little silly waving your car door back and forth, but it can drop the temperature within your car by as much as ten degrees!


Clean Your Cloudy Headlights

carhacks1When it comes to car maintenance, always remember how important it is to ensure that your headlights are squeaky clean. Having dirty headlights is highly dangerous, as they can greatly reduce your vision while you’re driving.

As it turns out, you don’t need some fancy cleaning fluid to clear up your foggy headlights. Good old toothpaste will do the trick! It’s really as simple as it sounds. Just apply toothpaste thoroughly to the plastic lens cover of your headlights with a cleaning cloth, then rinse it all off with clean water and dry. Your headlights will be clear, shiny, and good as new.


Update Your Own Model

If you’ve recently purchased a brand new vehicle, you’ve probably got a range of built-in gizmos and gadgets to help you play music off your iPod, charge your phone, and make hands-free calls while driving, among other technological activities. The rest of us who are still cruising around in slightly older models, however, aren’t so lucky!

If you’re one of the latter, however, you might be pleased to discover that with a little ingenuity, it is fairly easy to give your vehicle a modern update. If you need to mount your phone or tablet in your car, you only need a few everyday items to construct your own DIY version! Those who want to go one step further and install an actual dock can also so do, for their smartphone, tablet, or iPod nano. You can even add Bluetooth and inductive charging to your car, set up voice control, and even remote start your car with a text message.

With so many savvy ways to give your car a technological facelift, who needs a brand new model vehicle?


Protect Your Pizza!

Here’s one the pizza lovers will be able to make good use of. On those occasions when you’re heading home in your car and picking up dinner en route, you definitely don’t want to arrive with a lukewarm, soggy meal – especially if you’re bringing food to hungry and impatient family members!

Whether you’re bringing back pizza, burgers, or any other kind of hot food, there’s a great solution for you to keep your food toasty. Simply turn on your seat warmer and you’ll arrive with piping hot food for everyone to enjoy.


carhacks3Drive Easy

As you can see, there are a few different tips and tricks to get the most out of your vehicle. All it takes is a little creativity!

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