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New petrol analysis: Sydney prices 14.2c above quarterly average ahead of Easter long weekend

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1 Apr 2015 has unveiled its first quarterly petrol analysis for 2015 ahead of the Easter long weekend. Results show that, between 1 and 26 March 2015, Sydney residents paid up to 14.2 cents above average quarterly price for unleaded petrol (between 1 Jan –26 March 2015).

The free comparison website, which updates its petrol price data three times daily across all major Australian cities, analysed the average cents per litre (cpl) of unleaded petrol from 1 January to 26 March 2015 across five major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Results showed that Brisbane residents have paid more than any other major city for petrol since January 1. The quarterly average price for the city was 120.7cpl (4.7cpl more than the cheapest city, Adelaide). This was followed closely by Perth at 120.3cpl.

Sydneysiders were third in line when it came to who paid the most at the bowser. They paid an average quarterly price of 118cpl – just 2cpl less than the most expensive city, Brisbane. Melbourne residents paid an average quarterly price of 116.1cpl, while Adelaide residents paid 116cpl.

In March alone, however, residents in every major city paid significantly more than the quarterly average, indicating that the recent period of low fuel prices may be a thing of the past. Brisbane residents paid an average price of 134cpl, while Sydney residents paid 132.2cpl, both more than 13 cents above their city’s quarterly average.

Adelaide residents forked out 12.4cpl above their city’s quarterly average, paying an average of 128.4cpl in March. In the same month Melbourne residents paid 126.9cpl (on average), 10.8cpl higher than their city’s quarterly average price, and Perth residents paid an average of 129.2cpl, 8.9cpl higher than their city’s quarterly average price.

Abigail Koch, spokesperson at, said, “Unleaded petrol prices dropped considerably towards the end of 2014 and have been rising consistently since mid-January of this year. While prices have crept up, luckily we are nowhere near the average 154.5cpl Australians were paying at the bowser nine months ago.  With international oil prices now levelling out, it looks like prices may start to decline as we head towards Easter. Motorists should make the most of free fuel comparison sites, as shopping around can save them up to 25cpl at the bowser.” also highlighted the most expensive and cheapest subregions for petrol in each major city that it analysed.

The table below outlines the sub-regions with the lowest ULP average between 1 January and 26 March 2015.

CitySub-region3 monthULP average (cpl)
AdelaidePort Adelaide114.5
SydneyBankstown and Hurstville116.4
MelbourneFrankston/ Cranbourne115.2
BrisbaneNorth Brisbane119.3


The table below outlines the sub-regions with the highest ULP average between 1 January and 26 March 2015.

CitySub-region3 monthULP average (cpl)
BrisbaneWest Brisbane121.8
MelbourneGreensborough/ Ivanhoe116.8
SydneyLower North Shore120.1
PerthLesmurdie/ Midland121.8


*Original data supplied by MotorMouth Pty Ltd

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