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27 Jun 2016 11:05

Prices are about to go up – who is going to end up paying more?

Written by Compare the Market

Winter is here, which means energy rates are going up and they won’t be cheap! So what can we expect to pay when it comes to our electricity usage?

22 Jun 2016 01:18

Aussies guilty of air conditioner ‘gluttony’

Written by Alex Rappel

Which Aussies are ‘hot under the collar’ for overusing their air conditioning, and which regions are most conservative with it?

31 May 2016 11:54

Aussies still in the dark about their bad energy habits

Written by Compare the Market

New research from finds energy wasting is widespread… and it’s not just ‘standby appliances’ that are to blame.

4 May 2016 01:59

Winter bill winners

Written by Compare the Market

Areas around Australia receive expensive electricity bills every Winter – we look at the average usage and price per kWh to see who's getting shortchanged.

18 Apr 2016 01:15

Is climate neutrality possible?

Written by Compare the Market

Is climate neutrality really possible for the average Australian, considering where our energy comes from, our diets, and our transport choices?

4 Apr 2016 01:55

Environmental issues, who cares?

Written by Compare the Market

Studies show Australian care less now about environmental issues than they did 9 years ago, yet power consumption is decreasing – what’s happening?

16 Mar 2016 05:31

Can renters have solar power?

Written by Compare the Market

30% of Australians rent their homes, so what can these people do to use more sustainable power? This article look at ways tenants can make a change.

10 Mar 2016 05:37

15 ways to recycle, re-purpose & reuse around the home

Written by Compare the Market

There are so many opportunities to recycle, repurpose and reuse around the home, here are just a few great ideas you can try.

26 Oct 2015 14:17

When and how to switch energy supplies

Written by Compare the Market

Find out how and when to change your energy provider in Australia, from regulations to why you might change; this blog will help you towards lower bills.

10 Sep 2015 14:11

The 4 cost effective ways to use your washing machine

Written by Compare the Market

From purchasing to use, this blog provides tips for maximising the value from your washing machine, including how to calculate the lifetime costs.

24 Jul 2015 16:21

Appliance energy star ratings explained

Written by Compare the Market

Compare the Market offers thorough explanations on the Energy Star ratings of some of your favourite appliances.

15 Jul 2015 17:00

5 simple reasons why your energy bill is so high

Written by Compare the Market

Your energy bill higher than usual? Compare the Market looks at some simple reasons as to why this might occur.