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4 Jun 2015 13:47

We compare: Energy saving lighting solutions

Written by Compare the Market

Gone are the days of the incandescent globes – our lighting options are now not only cheaper to run and kinder to the earth, but they also provide different colours, vibes and globe design options.

2 Feb 2015 10:51

Energy discounts easy to lose and could end up costing $800 a year

Written by Compare the Market

Energy companies lure people in with massive discounts, but did you know how easy it is to lose these cheap deals? And once you forfeit them, you’ll automatically pay top rate for your energy highlights some great energy discounts...

12 Aug 2014 11:43

Unique Energy Saving Gadgets

Written by Compare the Market

With the energy prices continually hitting Aussies in the hip pocket, Compare the Market takes a look at some of the gadgets that could save you money.

8 Jul 2014 10:22

Avoid an end-of-quarter energy sting

Written by Compare the Market

Australians must understand their energy contracts to avoid bill shock Despite the likely carbon tax repeal, consumers are cautioned that with energy costs increasing, they should better understand their contracts to avoid being burned by a higher-than-expected quarterly bill.Abigail Koch, spokesperson...

12 Feb 2014 09:35

Households to expect energy bill shock

Written by Compare the Market

With weather forecasters predicting that the apocalyptic heatwaves may be here to stay through summer and with surprising new data just released on household energy spends, leading energy comparison website cautions that Australians need to be more mindful of their...