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Who pays more for rising power prices?

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Winter is here and you know what that means, energy rates are going up and they won’t be cheap! So what can we expect to pay when it comes to our electricity usage?

From July 1st, energy rates will be significantly increasing across each state.  Research from the Electricity Bill Benchmarks report[1] and the 2015 Residential Electricity Price Trends report[2] shows that winter is the month of the highest electricity usage for 5 of the 8 states and territories.

“The ACT have the lowest estimated electricity cost at just over 20c per kW, but their overall electricity use is second highest for winter, highest in autumn and the highest overall at over 1,300 kW,” says a spokesperson of leading energy comparison service comparethemarket.com.au.

“Overall, winter brings an additional average of $106.71 to an Aussie’s electricity bill.”

So what energy deals are on offer to help alleviate these rate increases and the cost of an expensive winter bill? We highlight the above the line offers across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland on the basis of a four person household using 1200 kW for a 90 day period.  The best “above the line” offers for each state are listed below. You can also compare a range of energy options here.

Who has great deals?

New South Wales



South Australia

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