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The 4 cost effective ways to use your washing machine

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Choosing the right washing machine and knowing how to use all its features can make a difference to your wallet. With rising energy costs, finding a machine with a low purchase price and high efficiency can be difficult; here are some tips on what to look out for.

Choosing a washing machine

Considering which appliance is best suited for your needs and budget is often the first point of call when looking for a new washer. There are two basic machine types, front loaders and top loaders, and a host of other features to choose from, each with their own price tag. Below are a few pros and cons for each to help you get started.

Advantages of front loaders

Advantages of top loaders

Things to think about when buying a washing machine

Most importantly: The running cost

The lifetime cost of running the machine can be calculated as follows:

Purchasing price + (annual running cost x number of years)

For example the lifetime cost of a $550 washing machine, with an annual running cost of $167, used for 9 years would be:

$550 + ($167 X 9) = $2053

The lifetime running cost should be used as a rough estimate when deciding what type of machine you should buy. Like most electronic appliance, washing machines are prone to using more energy the older they get. You can compare individual machine’s lifetime cost easily using the Smarter Choice Calculator.

4 other factors to consider

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Using a washing machine efficiently

Once you find the right machine, how you run it will affect your utility bills. From spin speeds to half loads, every setting can affect your overall efficiency.

4 cost effective ways to use your washing machine

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If the above sets your head into a spin cycle, writing a check-list of ‘must haves’ and knowing about the different types of machine and their respective features could help you make long term savings. In addition, knowing how to utilise all the settings puts all the research into practice, so you know the best machine for you is working with maximum efficiency.

Finally, for the keenest of energy savers, how about this pedal powered washer!

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