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Petrol prices likely to peak at Easter: major cities compared

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There may be unwelcome news for motorists this long weekend: with unleaded petrol (ULP) prices increasing by as much as 18 cents[1] per litre in some major cities over the past week alone, it’s likely the price hike will peak into Easter.

Since 10 April, the petrol cycle in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide has been on a steady incline, with data indicating that prices may well continue to increase and peak over Easter. Motorists should fill up their tank now to avoid higher prices at the petrol pump, come Easter.

Grant Waldeck, spokesperson at comparethemarket.com.au, which offers free petrol-price comparisons Australia-wide, says: “The timing is unfortunate for motorists travelling over the long weekend by car, particularly as between 1 and 8 April, prices fell by as much as 7 cents per litre in some major cities. We’re now sitting at the higher end of the price cycle and the price increase is likely to continue into the weekend. If motorists want to avoid peak prices this Easter, they should fill their tanks now.”

Grant says that to find the cheapest deal, motorists should research where and when to fill up well before hitting the road – particularly if they are going away and will be in unfamiliar areas. “Do your research when your tank is a third full – not empty – and ‘shop around’ for a reasonable price. Use free sites such as comparethemarket.com.au, which lists prices across specific petrol stations in each suburb and is updated three times a day.”

On 14 April, Melbourne motorists enjoyed the cheapest petrol prices of all major cities with the ULP average sitting at 143.5 cents per litre. Adelaide prices were the highest sitting at 159.2 cents per litre followed by Brisbane (153.6 cents), Sydney (151.1 cents) and Perth (149.7 cents). comparethemarket.com.au is expecting these prices to increase.

The table below shows the petrol price drops between 1 and 8 April, and the subsequent increases between 8 and 14 April across Australia’s major cities.

City 1 April 2014ULP average (cpl) 8 April 2014ULP average (cpl) 14 April 2014ULP average (cpl)
Adelaide 153.0 141.9 159.2
Sydney 151.6 144.2 151.1
Melbourne 150.0 142.2 143.5
Brisbane 155.5 145.5 153.6
Perth 149.2 148.8 149.7

* Original data supplied by MotorMouth Pty Ltd

More detailed petrol data available:


[1] Adelaide ULP Average (cpl) on 10 April 2014 was 141.2. This increased to 159.2 on 14 April 2014. Figures supplied by motormouth.com.au

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