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We’re all tightening our belts, padlocking our wallets and looking for ways to save our hard-earned dosh, but do you ever feel like you’re pouring your paycheck straight into your fuel tank? Let’s take a look at the facts. In 2012, Australian cars consumed 31,839 million litres of fuel. The national average price of petrol in 2013 was over $1.40/litre.  Not only are our car-dependent lifestyles expensive, but the environment is also  paying a hefty price – Australia’s 11 million cars produce more than 46 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your spending and your carbon footprint, check out our top tips for living a fuel efficient lifestyle.

Choose The Right Car

It’s important to choose the right car for your lifestyle, so if fuel efficiency and environmental impact are important to you, consider these factors from the outset of purchasing a vehicle. Small or compact vehicles offer more fuel efficiency while hybrid vehicles offer more environmentally friendly options.

Keep Cool Without The Aircon

Air conditioning is a major draw on a car’s fuel reserves. Whether hot or cold, try to decrease the amount of time you use your car’s air conditioning. Park in shady spots and use window shields to keep the sun and heat out of your car. If your car interior is hot, open the windows to let the hot air out and begin driving before you turn on the air conditioner. Letting the hot air escape will put less pressure on your air conditioner to cool the car interior.

Reduce Your Drive Time

One of the best ways to increase your fuel efficiency is to use your car less. We know it may seem obvious, but without swapping your Prado for a push-bike, there are a few things you can do to reduce your time on the road without impacting your lifestyle.

Love Your Car

Love your car and it will love you back. Keeping your ride in ship-shape condition also increases fuel efficiency.

Drive Like Your Nana

Not only is aggressive driving dangerous, it’s also a leading culprit in reducing your car’s fuel efficiency. For every litre of petrol used in a car, the exhaust emits 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide. So, next time you get in the car remember to SLAB:

Moderated driving will get you to your destination as safely and fuel efficiently as possible!


The Final Word: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

If you’re worried about the increasing costs of using your vehicle to both your bank account and the environment, try out some of these tricks of the trade for a more fuel efficient lifestyle. One final tip to save you a bit more cash: shop around for the best price on fuel. Fuel prices can vary widely from suburb to suburb, so make sure that you compare the prices close to you to get the best deal possible. Happy driving!

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