5 food bloggers you need to follow in 2015


These 5 food bloggers all have one thing in common – a desire to share their recipes for tasty nutritious food. There are so many great examples of Aussies getting their aprons on to create something wonderful, here are a few top picks.

Breakfast with Food to Nourish

Food to Nourish is a Sydney based company that specialise in healthy food snacks. Danielle Minnebo, a qualified nutritionist, creates the recipes stating that “Food to nourish is about creating tasty wholefood products that are made with integrity and passion, using nutrient dense organic ingredients.” Her blog reflects this mantra, with lots of articles regarding all matter of topics, from storing fermented veggies to these Kale and Zucchini Breakfast Muffins – for more recipes and tips, her Facebook and Twitter pages are a great place to start.

Georgia at Well Nourished has lunch covered

well nourished recipeImage source

A Naturopath and mother of two, Georgia Harding has been creating recipes throughout all the phases of her life, from veganism in the 90’s to working out how to feed a family of four today. Very driven by those around her, Georgia says “My family motivates me to strive to nourish them in every way I know how.” With her top three priorities of nourishment, time and taste, her recipes utilise S.L.O.W ingredients where possible; “Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole.

This recipe for Beetroot, coconut and ginger soup on her blog wellnourished.com.au is stunning in colour, and not too complex to make for an average cook. For other recipes and food inspiration, Georgia’s Facebook and twitter feed could be a good call.

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An afternoon snack at Sally’s

banana bread fit foodieImage source

Sally at the-fit-foodie is another Sydney-sider that takes a refreshing approach to her recipes. Originally from the UK, her attempts to ditch the sweet treats to obtain that Bondi body taught her one thing “Life is better with chocolate”. Sally often focuses on high protein nutritious foods that sustain muscle and the body’s energy reserves. Her recipes certainly don’t look like they have come out of her small apartment kitchen, more like a glossy food mag.

Did someone say healthy Banana bread? Sally certainly did with this recipe for a chai spiced banana loaf. If you’re looking for a quick overview of Sally’s food, perhaps take a browse of her Facebook and Twitter page for a taste of what she’s all about.

Dinner with Megan & Veggies and Me

veggies and me recipeImage source

Wife and mum of one, Megan Young and her website veggiesandme.com is a great stop over for veggie lovers looking for their next fix of inspiration, or meat eaters thinking of changing things up. It’s no surprise that Megan’s a photographer as she makes everything on her blog look delicious. With a food philosophy around wholesome local produce and an interest in nutrition, there are always plenty of pulses and gorgeous greens on the menu.

Megan’s recipes contain step by step instructions on how to recreate her food, including this beautiful plate of Baked Lemon Fennel with Polenta. For a quick flavour fix, maybe try her Facebook, or Twitter page.

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To finish, a sweet treat from Alexx Stuart

alexx stuart recipeImage source

Food and wellness blogger Alexx Stuart is bursting with enthusiasm for helping others want to be healthy. It’s this desire to empower others that makes her an inspiring foodie for our list. Alexx is all about keeping it real, saying “Just listen to your body. There’s no right way, except the natural, real food way”.

There may be a focus on health here, but that doesn’t mean treats are out as this upside down pear cake proves. This sweet, fruity desert could get many mouths watering, and all home made with good ingredients. For recipes and Alexx’s take on health at your fingertips, perhaps try her Facebook and Twitter feed.

Make healthy that little bit easier

Next time you look in the fridge, feel uninspired and head for the takeaway menu drawer, perhaps head over to these top food bloggers for a little foodspiration and make healthy that little bit easier.

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