Life Hacks for a Healthy You



With so much quack science and popular myth on the internet, it’s hard to find reliable, safe and practical life hacks when it comes to our health and wellbeing. We’ve filtered out the unsupported claims and discovered some of the strange but useful ways you can adjust your lifestyle to make big differences to your health. From allergy symptoms to fitness, let’s take a look at some of ways we can make improve our lives.


Life Hacks - PosturePatch up poor posture

Your poor posture could be taking its toll on your health, making your core muscles weak and supporting your upper body weight much harder. Physio Advisor shares a simple and easy reminder for improving your posture, take some strips of tape and create an ‘X’ mark on your back. Stand up straight with shoulders upright and ask someone to stick the tape from the top of your right shoulder to the left hip, do the same from the right shoulder. This tape will remind you whenever you slouch and help you maintain a healthy posture.


AllergiesGot Allergies? There’s an app for that.

It’s that moment that every allergy sufferer feels. Your eyes water, you itch and sneeze uncontrollably until you’re forced back indoors. There are a number of apps that combine local weather forecasts and pollen counting data to provide fairly accurate predictions for grass pollen levels over the coming days. With many to choose from, here’s an Australian app for more local and up-to-date information.



Life Hacks - Woman FitnessTrack your every move

If you’re having problems finding the perfect gym buddy, this might be the life hack for you. Make your workouts more social than just checking in at the gym with Fitocracy, a fitness social network and app across iPhone and Android. It makes your workout less boring and you can share your progress across blogs or social media. It’s a great motivational tool and lets you compete with your friends.



Life Hacks - Ice PackGot a fever? Try out this strange but true trick.

According to the ABC Health and Wellbeing Fact File, your normal body temperature sits between 36.5 – 37.4 °C and anything outside that range is considered a fever. Fevers mean that our body is attempting to deal with illness, usually a bacterial or viral infection. Placing ice packs under your armpits or groin cools your body faster than head or limbs. A moment’s discomfort can mean a more manageable fever.



Life Hacks - Watermelson JuiceSweet success for post workout

Watermelon juice, naturally rich in l-citrulline, helps the body drain lactic acid after an intense cardiovascular workout. This makes them an excellent alternative to protein shakes, which can make for difficult digestion in some people.  A recent study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed watermelon juice reduced muscle soreness within the first 24 hours of exercise.



Life Hacks - Man SneezeFacial fuzz linked to allergies

Dr Rob Hicks, GP and author of Beat Your Allergy claims that cleaning your moustache will clear pollen and reduce your need for medications like antihistamines or decongestants. Like clothing, skin and hair, a moustache will trap pollen throughout the day, so cleaning twice a day helps keep it clear of allergy-causing pollen.



Life Hacks - SoapThe great soap debate

A study conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health found antibacterial hand washes were no more effective than regular soap and water, with evidence suggesting a warning that common antibacterial hand washes contain tricolsan, which may cause bacteria to mutate and become resistant to common antibiotics like amoxicillin, more commonly known as ‘superbugs.’ Is it more marketing than science? You be the judge.



Life Hacks - NetiPot

The little pot with a big job

Used for thousands of years in Aryuvedic and Yogic practices, the Neti-pot now finds itself recommended by ear, nose and throat specialists for post-operative patients to clear their nasal passages. Using a Neti-pot can provide good symptomatic relief of hay fever symptoms



Life hacks - CitronellaNatural bug sprays actually work

Mosquitoes tend to find their way into our homes during summer, which means we start spraying irritating chemicals on our furniture and exposing our family and pets. Skip harmful insecticides and opt for a natural recipe with citronella or tea tree oil to avoid skin rashes or irritation from synthetic chemicals. Find some recipe suggestions here.

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