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Fruit vs vegetables

8 Jun 2016 01:10

Fructose & Fibre: friend or foe?

Written by Compare the Market

We take a close look at the main components of fruit and vegetables: fructose and fibre, to determine what should we eat, and how much is healthy.

3 Apr 2016 01:12

Is lactose intolerance on the rise in Australia?

Written by Compare the Market

Around 75% of the global population are intolerant to lactose, but only 15% of Australia. We cover the basics, from diagnosis to where lactose can be found.

1 Mar 2016 05:11

What’s stressing Australia?

Written by Compare the Market

Stress is alive & well in Australia, with 35% of us reporting significant stress levels, and 26% reporting levels above normal. What’s got us so stressed?

19 Oct 2015 08:53

Is Australia the most expensive place for grocery shopping?

Written by Compare the Market

We pay a lot for food, but are we the most expensive country in the world? We look at what’s driving the market and why food prices may be so high.

12 Sep 2014 13:52

Is Technology Turning You Into a Zombie?

Written by Compare the Market

Are you or someone you know at risk of becoming The Walking Dead because of a serious technology addiction? Check out our infographic for the warning signs.

3 Jul 2014 10:50

10 ways to feel good naturally

Written by Compare the Market

This infographic details 10 ways to help you feel good without artificial mood enhancers.