10 Amazing DIY Home Decor Hacks!


Don’t blow your tax refund on expensive home decor; check out these ten DIY home decor hacks to transform your home from drab to fab without draining your bank balance.

1.  Filing Cabinet Makeover

filing cabinet makeover

If you’ve got a depressing filing cabinet lying around, spruce it up instead of throwing it out. A quick lick of blackboard paint will transform the ugly duckling of storage into a beautiful swan.

2. DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

There’s something luxurious about a headboard; it makes a bedroom feel elegant and oh so grown up. Unfortunately, they can cost an absolute fortune! But, for a fraction of the price of buying one new, you can make your own. Arm yourself with some fabric, a stable gun, some plyboard and a few hours of your time and you’ll transform your bedroom into a chic retreat in no time.

3. Dip Dyed Candles

Dip dyed candles

A cluster of pillar candles on a sideboard or stacked in a disused fireplace always looks stunning, but try dip-dying the base of your pillar candles for an extra pop of colour. Just melt coloured crayons in a double boiler and dip in the base of your pillar candles – couldn’t be easier. Plus, now you’ve got a use for all of those broken crayons!

4. Doors that Pop

Colour door edges

Speaking of colour, a little can go a long way. Find ways to add subtle colour to your home, like painting the edges of your doors or the inside cabinet drawers.

5. Magnet Spice Rack

Magnet spice rack

Do you have a pantry full of spices and never know what’s where? Make your own magnetic spice ‘rack’ with a few jars (you can even recycle old ones – baby food jars are a great size), some magnets and labels for the bottom (so that you know what’s what). Clear out some room in your pantry and spice up your kitchen!

6. Vintage Teacup Jewellery Organiser

teacup jewellery holder

Gather an assortment of mismatched teacups with saucers and place them in a drawer to create a unique and vintage-inspired jewellery organiser. Hang earrings from the rims of cups, place rings in the saucers, loop bracelets over handles or put a necklace inside each teacup. Make sure you you line the drawer with fabric (we recommend using spray on adhesive) or a slip-free drawer liner to keep the cups in place; you could also use a dollop of hot glue to fix the cups to the saucers and the saucers to the bottom of the drawer. Never again will you spend hours searching for a matching pair of earrings or detangling a pile of necklaces.

7. Paint your own Pillows

Painted Cushions

Every budding decorator knows that throw pillows can make or break a room; they can add colour, texture and personality to any space. They can also cost a small fortune. Seriously. Hundreds of dollars – each. Save yourself beaucoup bucks and paint your own with fabric paint pens.

8. Designer Lamp

DIY Lamp

Lamps add ambience to a room; they shed light into the darkest corners and brighten the dimmest spaces. Lamps (like throw cushions) can be expensive and designer lamps even more so. Luckily, you can design your own lamps and light fittings without the designer price tag.

9. Rack ‘em Up

DIY Wine Rack

Turn an old rake head into a rustic wine glass rack – all you need is a rake head and a couple of screws! Never before has gardening been so much fun. Wine anyone?

10. Perk Up Your Paving


Channel your inner hooligan and graffiti your driveway or concrete paths. Well, not graffiti exactly – let’s call it invisible concrete art. Using a clear waterproof spray, decorate your pathways or driveway with messages and beautiful artworks that only reveal themselves when it rains. Give yourself something to look forward to on a rainy day!

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