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8 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Housework Easier

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9 Oct 2014

Is cleaning ever enjoyable? It’s time consuming, boring and repulsive at times. We’ve compiled these cleaning hacks which will make cleaning your home easier and faster, so you have more time to relax. Oh, and some of them are quirky enough to make cleaning somewhat…fun!

Clean your microwave with a lemon

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Burnt something in your microwave? The smell can linger on unpleasantly for quite some time. Get that smell out stat with this hack. Fill up a bowl with water and a lemon (halved or cut into pieces). Microwave for five minutes (or until boiling) and afterwards, wipe down with a sponge, making sure to scrub any stubborn spots. Wipe dry with a paper towel or dry cloth. The humidity from both the water and the heat creates a natural cleaning effect and the lemon helps disinfect and deodorise. Your microwave will be smelling sweet and staying clean for a while (well, at least until the next accident!).

Dry clothes faster by throwing a towel into your dryer

Next time you’re drying clothes but are short on time, throw a dry towel in with your load. The towel can absorb the moisture in wet clothing, reducing the drying time. Make sure you take the towel out after 15-20 minutes however, as leaving it in for too long can actually extend the drying time.

Make your showerhead shine with a sandwich bag and vinegar

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Sick of scrubbing your showerhead? Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and use a rubber band to tie it to your shower head. Leave to soak overnight, and in the morning you’ll have a de-clogged, shiny showerhead. Simple.

Shine your stainless steel with baby oil

Stainless steel cleaners can be expensive, but if you don’t have the cash, baby oil works just as well.

Find the grain of the stainless steel (that is, the direction that your steel seems to be going in) and clean following that direction. Arm yourself with a good lint-free cotton cloth (microfiber towels are good for this purpose) and use a little dish soap and water to clean the surface. Once you’ve removed dirt and finger marks (especially around the fridge door handles, if you’re cleaning that), dab the cloth in water and dish soap again but this time put some baby oil in to mix together for a gentle polish. If you feel it needs more shine, repeat the process.  You’ll have shiny appliances in no time!

Microwave your sponges to get rid of germs

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Apparently sponges are the worst place for germs in the kitchen. For clean dishes and surfaces, microwave your sponge on high for two minutes in order to kill all the nasty germs that have accumulated on it. Please don’t microwave scourers or metal sponges, however; this could cause a fire!

Wash your yellowed pillows with dishwasher detergent, bleach and borax

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Do you know that yellow stuff on your pillows is actually…sweat? Don’t start panicking – you don’t have to throw them away. There’s an easy way to remove the bacteria from your pillows.

First, Make sure you check the label to see whether your pillows can be machine washed – most can be. If they can, great! Please see below. If not, you will have to replace them or you can take them to a dry cleaner for professional cleaning.

For anyone who has a top-loading washing machine, try this: fill your washing machine 1/3 full of hot/boiling water. Add all the ingredients featured in the Miracle Laundry Whitening Solution. Start the machine and give it a few minutes so the solution can dissolve before adding the pillows. When you think the machine has agitated the solution enough, add the pillows (two at a time is enough). Do two rinse cycles before taking the pillows out. Allow to dry in the sun.

If you’ve got a front-loader, no stress; there’s an easy workaround. Fill your laundry basin with the Miracle Laundry Whitening Solution, and leave to soak, turning and scrubbing every fifteen minutes or so (wearing rubber gloves). After an hour, squeeze the excess moisture out of the pillows and throw the pillows in your front-loader on a rinse cycle. Allow to dry – and sweet dreams.

Use cola to clean your toilet

Cola is highly acidic, and therefore can make an excellent cleaning product. The carbonic, citric and phosphoric acids in it can break down stains, especially if you leave it overnight to soak. You’ll still need to brush the residue off the next day, unfortunately.

Attach a hose to your outdoor broom to pressure clean your patio/driveway/ outdoor area

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Okay, we know this looks ridiculous but it’s a convenient and inexpensive alternative to expensive pressure cleaners. All you need is an outdoor broom, a hose with a nozzle and some duct tape. Join the two together and voila! You can now wash your patio with ease.

Do you know of any out-of-the-ordinary tips you’ve found to be effective around the home? We’d love to hear about them! Please share your own home cleaning hacks in the comments below.

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