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13 Dec 2015 07:00

The current state of Asbestos in Australia

Written by Compare the Market

Asbestos is dangerous and still poses a threat to the lives of every day Australians – here’s what you need to know.

11 Nov 2015 13:45

Does working actually cost you 50% of your wage?

Written by Compare the Market

We go to work to earn money, but how much is spent on work related expenses? From clothing to tax, childcare to coffees, research shows expenditure at 50%

23 Oct 2015 11:57

25 home-made products that will save you $150

Written by Compare the Market

Need to combat household expenditure and save? Here are 25 things you can make at home that cost less than their store-bought counterparts

13 Oct 2015 11:11

8 life altering lessons to teach your kids about money

Written by Compare the Market

Good habits die hard, so it’s great to get in early and teach children about money from a young age; here are our 8 top tips

18 Sep 2015 08:54

Aussies spent 1.9 billion dollars on clothes in June. How much is your wardrobe worth?

Written by Compare the Market

Don’t risk being left with just the clothes on your back – know how much your wardrobe is worth so you can get appropriate insurance.

11 May 2015 11:00

Extending Your Home – What You Should Know

Written by Compare the Market

They make it look so easy on TV, but designing and building an extension for your home is hard work. We take you through the steps.

14 Apr 2015 16:30

Smart Homes – How Technology is Changing the Way We Live

Written by Compare the Market

Manual labour in the home is largely done by electronic appliances these days, but what about work, rest and play? We take a look at the past, present and future.

17 Dec 2014 10:00

Home Security Systems: Holiday-Proof Your Home

Written by Compare the Market

Keep your holidays full of cheer and would-be thieves at bay by installing a security system in your home before the festive season.

9 Oct 2014 12:59

8 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Housework Easier

Written by Compare the Market

Bored of your usual cleaning routine? Try these hacks to make your housework quicker and easier

25 Aug 2014 10:31

Tenants ignorant of repercussions, leaving them vulnerable

Written by Compare the Market

Tenants who forego insuring the contents of their home may be risking up to $60,000 in personal possessions and further thousands in fixtures and fittings – simply because they don’t understand the potential repercussions of accidents or theft – says...

14 Jul 2014 10:22

New providers partner with comparethemarket.com.au on home & contents price comparison service

Written by Compare the Market

Consumers are now able to compare a wider range of home and contents insurance policies on comparethemarket.com.au with Woolworths Insurance and Real Insurance joining its price comparison service.Having launched a home and contents price comparison service in December 2013, comparethemarket.com.au...

26 May 2014 14:25

Save on Your Home and Contents Insurance Premium

Written by Compare the Market

Protecting your home and its contents is vital but premiums can be expensive! Here are a few tips to help you reduce your insurance premiums while protecting your home and belongings.