Spring into Summer with our Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring has sprung and it’s time to break out those feather dusters and give the whole house a good old fashioned spring clean.

We’ve got some tips to help you get your home whipped into shape, both inside and out, without spraining your budget or your ankle.

Out with the Old

We accumulate so much stuff! Toys, books, clothes, kitchen gadgets, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, electronics, shoes, accessories, toiletries…our homes are full to the brim with contents. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse your closet, cull some toys and clean the clutter out of your home. Go through each room with a mission – out with the old. Designate piles or boxes to help you make tough decisions. Have one box for ‘keep’, one for ‘donate’ and one for ‘dump’. Try, wherever possible, to donate useful items to charity.

Gang up on the Garage

Don’t just use your garage as a dumping ground for all the ‘stuff’ you can’t find a place for inside the house. Spend some time going through the garage to clear out the junk. Be ruthless, if you don’t use it, donate it or dump it. Dust the shelves, sweep out the corners and vacuum. Consider how you use the space and how you could use the space better and reorganise accordingly.

Wash the Windows

Grime, dust and water spots may build up on your windows during winter. Take a day to give your windows some tender loving care. Brush away any cobwebs and vacuum and dust frames where necessary – do this both inside and outside. Remove flyscreens and give them a thorough spray with the hose and let them dry in a shady area. Wash glass with appropriate solution (white wine vinegar diluted in water works well, as do commercial brands); use a squeegee and paper towel for a streak free finish.

weedsGardens and Gutters

Your garden’s been sleeping all winter but now it’s a riot of colour. Time to trim back trees and prune hedges before the hot summer months. Clearing debris and leaf matter, especially in bushfire prone areas, is really important in the spring months. Top dress your garden with some wetting agent to help it retain moisture during the dry summer months and consider mulching (or remulching) before the heat rolls in. Don’t forget your gutters – after a long winter debris may have built up in your gutters. If you can carefully clean your gutters without risking injury to yourself, do so, or contract a yard care agency to do it for you.

Celebrate with Colour

Celebrate the end of the dark and dour winter months with colour. Splash (and by splash we mean that we encourage considered application) a bit of paint on the walls, invest in some bright new artwork, pop a few colourful cushions on the lounge or spice up your boudoir with new sheets and colourful linen.

Calculate your Contents

Now is a good time to take stock of your home and contents. Have you accumulated anything new over the past year – televisions, jewellery, tablets, dishwasher (or other appliances), artworks, furniture? Have you sold anything valuable or downsized to a minimalist lifestyle? Check to make sure that your home and contents insurance covers you in case of incident, theft or damage. It’s also a good time to compare insurance providers to ensure you’re getting great cover to match your needs.

Take Care of Yourself

home-repairsTake care of yourself during your spring clean; stay hydrated and pre-plan some healthy snacks. If you’re lifting heavy objects or furniture, make sure you follow proper manual handling techniques like spreading your feet wider than your hips, bending at the knees and using mechanical aids (like trolleys) where needed. Take special care when working at heights, like on step ladders, and make sure your footing is safe and secure on elevated platforms. Watch out for creatures, great and small, who may have made unused corners, cabinets, pot plants and shelves their home during the winter months. Take special care in outdoor areas as venomous bugs and spiders may be lurking in your garden, especially if you haven’t used it much over the winter months.

The Final World

Spring cleaning can be a big job. Be realistic and set aside a few days to accomplish the task. Break down your spring clean into smaller, more manageable chunks to make it easier. For more in-depth spring cleaning tips, check out our Spring Cleaning Guide. Enjoy!

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