Increase your Property Value: DIY Home Renovations

Increase your Property Value: DIY Home Renovations


Looking to add value to your property without doing a full-blown renovation? Sometimes our homes need more than just a new throw cushion to improve their look. Here are a few easy, DIY home renovations that could add big bucks to your property value.

Curb appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell or just have your property revalued, you want to get the highest possible price, and that starts with a good first impression. Making sure your property looks good on the outside will set the tone for how people approach the rest of your property.

Maintain gardens and lawns and make sure they are neat, tidy and weed free. Mulch, especially newly laid, looks and smells great, so consider re-mulching. Do not fertilise before a valuation or home open – even though most people will know that it’s good for the garden, the unpleasant odour may put them off anyway. Pop in to your local garden centre and grab some inexpensive ‘potted colour’ to brighten up your garden. Consider potted plants for deck and outdoor entertaining areas.

Make sure all external windows are washed and cobwebs removed from eaves, door cavities etc. If you’ve got a tired or dated front door, consider replacing to give the entry to your home a new, fresh look.

If you’ve got a stained concrete driveway, update it with driveway paint.

Get a handle on it

Replacing your door handles is a great way to instantly update a home’s interior. Stainless steel handles add instant chic to any space. Consider replacing handles on your cabinets too. Make sure you choose a consistent finish (like stainless steel) to maintain a polished look.

Kitchen Revampkitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and may be a key selling point for your property, so if you’re going to spend any decent money, spend it here! You may not have the budget or the willingness to renovate your entire kitchen but there are a few things you can do to update the look without blowing the budget.

First, give it a thorough clean out. Remove everything from every cupboard, drawer, shelf, nook and cranny. Scrub everything down and assess the empty space with a keen eye.

If your kitchen feels dated, you can replace the cupboard doors and the countertop for minimal effort and expense whilst leaving the bones of the cabinetry intact. Opt for neutral tones that tie in with the rest of your home whilst creating a clean, modern look.

Update your appliances. Brushed stainless steel adds a touch of elegance to any space, especially in the kitchen.

Bathroom Facelift

Bathrooms can be tricky and expensive places to renovate but they, like the kitchen, are a key selling point in any home. Luckily, there are a few inexpensive ways to botox your bathroom.

Like the kitchen, give your bathroom a thorough clean out. Give everything a good scrub down and assess.

If you’ve got hideous, old, dated tiles but you don’t want to spend money replacing them, paint them instead. Make sure you get good quality tile paint. Replace taps, spigots and shower heads (again, stainless steel is a great look here too). If your bathroom vanity has seen better days, consider replacing it (a few hundred dollars at Bunnings or Reece will do the trick).

Don’t forget the toilet. At the very least, replace the toilet seat with a soft-close ceramic seat or have a certified plumber replace the whole toilet.

lightingPaint Walls

Painting is one of the easiest DIY projects you can undertake but a bit of prior planning is in order. Check out our Painting Guide for more advice on colour selection and pre-painting preparation!

Update lighting

Get rid of those ugly fluros and dated oyster lights. Have a certified electrician replace tired light fittings with modern, funky pendants or subtle, sleek down lights.

The Final Word

Although much of your renovating you will be able to do yourself, make sure you get a qualified tradesperson to give you a hand where necessary. Always assess the risks before you undertake a renovation project; you may wish to contact your Home & Contents insurer to check on your coverage and whether you will be covered if something goes awry, as some insurers may not cover you for damages incurred during renovations. Once your renovation is complete, of course, it’s a good idea to reassess your Home & Contents insurance to ensure it matches the value of your home.
You may also need some help financing your upgrades or you may wish to refinance after your upgrades have been completed. Make sure you compare home loans to find the best financing to suit your needs. Happy renovating!


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