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26 Dec 2015 06:44

Insulation – what’s right for your home?

Written by Compare the Market

It’s easy to think of home insulation as a single entity, but there are different types that serve many purposes. Let's look at what may work in your home.

30 Nov 2015 07:00

A simple explanation of the Australian property cycle

Written by Compare the Market

Timing isn’t always everything, but understanding Australian property cycles may help you maximize the value of your next property purchase.

13 Nov 2015 14:21

How long does it takes to save for a home?

Written by Compare the Market

Australian house prices have been on the rise, so how long would it take a graduate to save for a deposit for an average home?

28 Oct 2015 14:45

Victoria’s fastest growing suburbs

Written by Compare the Market

Will Greater Melbourne be home to the next Australian property boom? Check out these three fast growing Victorian suburbs.

1 Aug 2015 16:22

Aussies play mortgage waiting game as analysts predict further rate drop

Written by Compare the Market

The number of Aussies choosing fixed rate mortgages has dropped almost two percent year-on-year as homeowners take advantage of the lowest variable interest rates offered by lenders in 40 years.

6 May 2015 10:30

The Checklist for Successful First Home Buyers

Written by Compare the Market

Buying your first home can easily be taken over by emotions. We’ve compiled a checklist to help you get started, so you can avoid the traps of snap decisions.

22 Jan 2015 16:00

Trading Up – Buying Your Second Home

Written by Compare the Market

Buying your first home is daunting – but your second home can be euphoric. You may have done it before, but there are still some pitfalls. Let’s look at them.

26 Nov 2014 12:06

On the Lookout – Comparing Home Loans

Written by Compare the Market

No two home loans are created the same. Here’s a list of items you should consider during your home loan comparison research.

29 Oct 2014 15:22

The Age Old Debate: Renting vs Buying

Written by Compare the Market

Should you rent or should you buy? Consider the lifestyle pros and cons of buying or renting your home.

15 Sep 2014 15:14

Getting your Investment Property Rent Ready

Written by Compare the Market

Understand your obligations as a soon-to-be landlord and follow these guidelines to get your investment property rent ready.

2 Sep 2014 10:45

Comparethemarket.com.au launches home loan comparison service

Written by Compare the Market

Leading price comparison site comparethemarket.com.au has partnered with AFG to launch a dedicated home loan comparison service.