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Upgrade old fridges or TVs for less with this environment appliance offer for NSW residents

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10 Nov 2020
family watching tv they received on the environment appliance offer

Nothing beats the feeling of buying a new fridge or television – especially if you’ve got an outdated model that’s in serious need of replacement. But what if you could receive a significant discount on your purchase simply for upgrading to an energy-efficient appliance?

With the environment appliance offer, also known as the appliance replacement offer, residents across New South Wales who hold a concession card can save some serious cash when they switch their eligible appliances for newer models that are better for the environment.

If it’s something you were already considering, it could help reduce the size of your electricity bill too!

What is the environment appliance offer?

The environment appliance offer is an initiative that offers eligible residents of New South Wales discounts when they upgrade old fridges and televisions to select new and energy-efficient models. Residents can receive 40% discounts on the price of fridges and 50% off televisions.

You’ll purchase an eligible appliance at the discounted rate, have it delivered and have your old fridge or television removed and recycled at no expense.

The initiative is funded by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. According to this department, fridges and televisions are two of the most common energy consuming appliances.1 The hope is people could save considerable amounts of energy (and money) by switching to more efficient appliances.

woman looking in old fridge

Who’s eligible for the NSW appliance replacement offer?

To be eligible for this energy-efficient appliance rebate, you need to meet specific criteria. You must:

  • be a resident of NSW
  • be 18+
  • be able to pay the remaining amount for the appliances once the discount is applied
  • hold one of the following cards:
    – Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card
    – Centrelink-issued Health Care Card
    – Centrelink-issued Low-Income Health Care Card
    – Pensioner Concession Card.

Your existing fridge or television must be at least 10 years old. Only old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) devices and Plasmas can be switched out for new models on the scheme. If you have an older LCD or LED television, it won’t be eligible.

Which fridges and televisions can I upgrade to as part of the environment replacement offer?

Only select appliances that meet criteria relating to their type, availability, affordability and energy star rating are available as part of the environment replacement offer. All televisions included have a size restriction of less than 43 inches and must have a five-star energy rating or higher.

The included fridges with combined fridge and freezer capacity up to 300 litres must have a 3.5-star energy rating or higher, while those over 300 litres require an energy rating of at least four stars. All products are available through a select retailer, as specified by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The retailer will deliver your fridge or television if your application is accepted.

While the list of products is subject to change, the appliances available at the time of publication include:


·         HISENSE HR6BMFF514SW 514L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GB-335WL 335L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GT-332SDC 332L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GT-442SDC 441L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GT-442WDC 441L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GT-515SDC 516L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         LG GT-515WDC 516L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         Westinghouse WTB2300WH-X 230L Top Mount Refrigerator

·         Westinghouse WTB2800WH-X 280L Top Mount Refrigerator


·         HISENSE 32S4 32″ S4 HD SMART LED TV

·         HISENSE 43S4 43″ S4 FHD SMART LED TV

·         TCL 40S615 40″ S615 FHD ANDROID LED TV

Source: New South Wales Government Appliance Replacement Offer – Available Products – Accessed 19/10/2020

How do I apply for the environment replacement offer?

You can apply for the NSW appliance replacement offer by completing an application form online through the New South Wales Government. It takes around 10 minutes and you’ll need valid identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) and your concession card.

Applications are usually processed within three business days and, if approved, you’ll be notified how to purchase your new fridge or television.

It’s important to note that once issued, your application is only valid for six weeks. If you fail to purchase your new device within this timeframe and still want to take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to reapply.

While you can’t make your purchase from a physical store, you’re encouraged to compare your options in store before deciding. A delivery is required to ensure the old fridge or television is collected and recycled.

men delivering tv

Can I keep my old fridge or television and still partake in the environment appliance offer?

A requirement of the environment replacement offer is surrendering your old appliance in exchange for a new one. This means you can’t keep your old fridge or gift your existing television to a friend or family member and receive a new one.

Similarly, each eligible household can only receive one new fridge and television as part of the offer.

Are there any fees I need to be aware of that aren’t covered by the environment replacement offer?

While you’ll receive a discount on eligible fridges and televisions, there are other costs you may need to pay for. These include:

  • Delivery fees: While you’ll receive a discount on delivery fees, they’re still something you’ll need to pay. If you’re located within 50 kilometres of your nearest retailer (as specified by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment), you’ll pay $25. If your closest store is between 51 and 100 kilometres away, you’ll be charged $45, while you’ll incur an $85 delivery fee if your nearest store is over 100 kilometres away.
  • Television channel tuning: While your new television will be delivered, this cost doesn’t cover channel tuning and you may incur additional fees if this is required.
  • Television wall mounting: If you plan on mounting your new television to a wall, this isn’t included in the delivery fee.
  • Device connection: If you need your new television connected to DVD players, streaming services or other devices, these costs won’t be covered.

family watching tv that’s mounted on wall

Can replacing my old appliances save me money?

According to the New South Wales Government, you can save up to $200 on energy every year by replacing a fridge that isn’t efficient. Also, ditching plasmas and CRT televisions in favour of LCDs can save up to $125 annually.2 Read more about how energy-efficient devices can save you money.

More information about energy

Looking for more ways to save energy? We’ve got you covered. Our guide to energy-efficient appliances can help you get the most out of your devices for less. There’s also more information about other concessions you may be eligible for.

If it’s an electricity or gas quote you’re after, compare your options using our free energy comparison tool.

Information within this article is correct at time of publishing.


1. New South Wales Government Appliance Replacement Offer – ‘Frequently asked questions’ – Accessed 19/10/2020
2. New South Wales Government – ‘Appliance Replacement Offer’ – Accessed 19/10/2020

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