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Preparing for cash rate rise

31 Jan 2022 13:18

Why you should be preparing for an RBA cash rate increase in 2022

Written by Sarah Orr

Now may be a good time to compare your current rate and see if you could lock in a better one and save before rates start rising in the months ahead.


20 Jan 2022 14:31

National accounts pre-covid and post-covid

Written by William Jolly

We’ve analysed OECD national accounts data across both 2019 and 2020 to see how COVID-19 affected the world’s biggest economies.

2023 forecasts

24 Nov 2021 13:46

ANZ, CBA & Westpac all predict house price falls in 2023

Written by William Jolly

According to new forecasts by three of Australia’s big four banks, house affordability is likely to get worse next year before it gets better in 2023.

Value of mortgages

18 Nov 2021 13:42

Value of new mortgages up 70% since pre-COVID

Written by William Jolly

The value of new mortgages has skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to rising mortgage debt, loan sizes and loan limits.

Fixed or variable

18 Nov 2021 09:17

Nearly one-fifth of home owners unsure if they’re on a fixed or variable interest rate

Written by William Jolly

Despite all the talk of interest rates in recent months, almost one-fifth of homeowners aren’t even aware of what type of interest rate they’re on.

16 Nov 2021 11:11

Is the fashion industry tearing apart at the seams?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Apart from fabric and stitching, what’s really in a t-shirt? We’ve researched the fashion industry and identified the main ethical issues.

scammer targeting australian with romance scam

11 Nov 2021 14:55

Victim reach “unlimited” in sinister romance scams

Written by Whitney Holmes

As technology evolves, scam tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and there’s nothing these ruthless fraudsters won’t try, to drain you dry.

11 Nov 2021 13:40

Australian dream ‘fading’ as property prices grow several times faster than income

Written by William Jolly

Stagnant wage growth combined with near-record high house price growth may just put the debate over housing affordability to bed once and for all.

Fixed rate rises

9 Nov 2021 13:24

Fixed rates set to rise in 2022: ANZ

Written by William Jolly

New research by major bank ANZ predicts that fixed mortgage rates are set to increase sharply in 2022 from their current record-low rates.

Young couple with broker

4 Nov 2021 12:59

Could lending restrictions hurt our smaller banks?

Written by William Jolly

A representative body for customer-owned banks has warned that further lending restrictions could harm competition.