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29 Sep 2021 14:05

COVID-19’s clampdown on international money transfers

Written by James McCay

We reach out to the experts to see how COVID and 2020 impacted international money transfers and foreign exchange, and ask 'when will things return to normal?'


28 Sep 2021 13:39

COVID-19 customer support: which industries performed the best?

Written by William Jolly

When it came to offering proactive COVID-19 financial support to customers, some industries were much more generous than others.

school zone

28 Sep 2021 11:13

Property values surge over 40% in certain school catchments

Written by William Jolly

Popular schools are helping drive record property price gains as parents jostle to get into certain catchments, new figures show.

property sold sign

23 Sep 2021 14:03

Why Brisbane buyers are kept in the dark over house prices

Written by William Jolly

Only a small portion of property ads on real estate websites are showing price ranges in certain parts of the country, with Brisbane buyers particularly in the dark.

BNPL Australia

21 Sep 2021 14:37

How much do Australians spend on Buy Now, Pay Later services?

Written by Compare the Market

Who uses BNPL? How much do they spend? Which state uses it the most? Find out here.

20 Sep 2021 07:40

Bill Shock Tracker

Written by Compare the Market
forget BNPL bills

16 Sep 2021 13:58

Afterpay? More like ‘forget pay’ as Aussies struggle to remember their BNPL repayments

Written by William Jolly

Buy Now, Pay Later purchases are one of the most forgotten about bills, new Compare the Market research shows.

Inner city of Sydney

10 Sep 2021 10:39

Inner-city or outer suburbs: where can you afford to buy?

Written by William Jolly

New research sheds light on just how far away from the city you might have to look in order to buy a home.

man paying digital wallet

10 Sep 2021 09:42

The emergence of Buy Now, Pay Later explained

Written by William Jolly

What is BNPL? How does it work, and what’s driving the new craze? We take an in-depth look.

cash rate hold

7 Sep 2021 14:36

What another cash rate hold means for you

Written by William Jolly

The Reserve Bank has once again held the cash rate at its record low 0.10%, marking the ninth straight month of no change.