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Woman sits at table in front of laptop with paperwork

20 Aug 2021 09:00

New financial laws are coming – here’s what they mean for you

Written by Eliza Buglar

ASIC is set to introduce new reforms to the financial services industry in October. Here's what they mean for you as a consumer.

Happy family sits on couch looking at laptop

19 Aug 2021 11:23

Report reveals households are at record levels of financial comfort despite pandemic

Written by Eliza Buglar

A new report reveals that Australians saw the highest level of household financial comfort in June 2021. Find out more with Compare the Market.

Google searches

12 Aug 2021 11:44

Lockdown finances: What are Australians searching for on Google?

Written by William Jolly

We looked into Google Trends data to find out what money-related terms people are searching for in lockdown.

social media spending

6 Aug 2021 15:41

How social media and apps are changing the way we spend our money

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australians are spending more of their discretionary income via social media and apps. Learn more about this upward moving trend.

Sydney Olympics 2000

6 Aug 2021 11:56

The Olympics are headed to Brisbane – what does this mean for house prices?

Written by William Jolly

Most of Brisbane (and Australia) rejoiced as the home of the brown snake was named the host of the 35th Olympiad in 2032.

29 Jul 2021 09:48

Safer streets could lead to insurance savings in lockdown

Written by Sarah Orr

Reduced levels of crime linked to lockdown may have a positive impact on insurance premiums, according to insurance experts at Compare the Market.

28 Jul 2021 11:53

Pricey purebred? A mongrel mutt could save you money on insurance

Written by Sarah Orr

We reveal the cheapest and most expensive pooches to insure and the popular purebred that tops the list.

Surfers Paradise, QLD

22 Jul 2021 10:33

Queensland, New South Wales see spike in refinancing in 2021

Written by William Jolly

Australians have been busy comparing home loans, with refinancing up significantly in the 12 months from June 2020 to 2021.

16 Jul 2021 13:28

Too much content: Aussies wasting hundreds on unused subscriptions each year

Written by William Jolly

Australians are wasting an average of almost $200 a year on unused subscriptions or memberships.

Will interest rates go negative

14 Jul 2021 11:03

Banks warned to ‘be prepared’ for negative interest rates. But will that ever happen?

Written by William Jolly

It’s not impossible for interest rates to fall even further, and a key regulator has warned the banks to prepare for rates below-zero.