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Compare the Market takes first place as the best contact centre

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13 May 2016

The results are in and it’s official, Compare the Market takes the gold as the contact centre consistently having the best sales conversations with their customers.

Grist Consulting has recently undertaken a behavioural benchmarking study to assess which contact centres across the banking, energy, health, general insurance and telecommunications industries are continually meeting inbound sales benchmarks. Out of 85 contact centres assessed, Compare the Market ranks right at the top.

“This is an impressive result and reflects Compare the Market’s ability to build real relationships with our customers. Treating our callers as human beings is what sets us apart from the rest,” said a spokesperson for insurance comparison service

“This is an incredible result we hope to continue into the future, and uphold our reputation as a service people can rely on.”

The “Top 10” company ranking was based on the assessment of 3000 inbound phone sales conversations against Grist’s inbound sales benchmark standards.

Some of the companies that made it into the Top 10 list under Compare the Market included Australian Unity, Bupa, NIB, NRMA, Budget Direct and ANZ.

Grist’s survey measured the engagement and rapport building skills of frontline staff and their ability to take the customer through the discovery process and onto a convincing sale close.

This included how the conversation with the caller was framed, the degree to which the consultant made an effort to get to know the customer, the way in which the product was explained as an obvious choice for the caller and finally, if a positive final impression conveyed a customer-centric approach. There were approximately 60 criteria used in total for the study.

It was also observed that the health industry dominated the “Top 10” contact centre list, with six health insurance companies making the cut. The list additionally comprised of home and motor insurance, home loans and superannuation sales.

The study and its associated Top 10 ranking is now in its fourth year and began as a way for contact centre professionals to gain insight into the customer experience delivered by their competitors and cross-industry counterparts.

A big congratulation to our dedicated contact centre team and the effort and care they’ve put into helping match customers with the products suited to their individual needs.


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