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New petrol analysis: Easter long weekend prices

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13 Apr 2017
  • Motorists in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth can anticipate petrol price reprieve
  • Adelaide and Sydney motorists urged to check prices before filling up has revealed its first petrol analysis for 2017 ahead of the Easter long weekend. Results show that unleaded petrol (ULP) prices in the quarter (10 January-9 April 2017) reached an average of 130.1cpl but motorists in many parts of the country can breathe a sigh of relief with prices anticipated to drop in the coming days, unless they’re in Sydney and Adelaide where prices are set to rise.

The free comparison website, which updates its petrol price data three times daily across all major Australian cities, analysed the average cents per litre (cpl) of unleaded petrol from 10 January to 9 April 2017 across six major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

Results show that Sydney motorists have been paying the least for their fuel, with the average fuel price for the quarter around 124.8cpl. If Sydney motorists are looking to fill up, then they could head to the Fairfield-Liverpool region, where the average price for the quarter has been 122.9cpl. With the analysis revealing that prices in Sydney are currently on their way back up, motorists are urged to only purchase as much petrol as they need over the long weekend as prices are expected to plateau and then start to slowly decrease in the weeks after Easter.

Melbourne motorists paid on average 129.8cpl over the last quarter with the lowest prices to be had in the Frankston and Cranbourne areas with 126.1cpl the quarterly average. Prices are expected to ease further in the lead up to Easter, with petrol prices on the way down.

Adelaide residents have the second lowest quarterly average price at 126.1cpl but there are indications that prices could rise after the Easter period. Motorists should fill up in the Western and beach suburbs – where the average quarterly price of petrol was 124.5cpl – now while prices are near the bottom of the cycle.

Brisbane drivers have faced a quarterly average price of 130cpl for petrol. Prices are currently on the way down and should ease towards the end of the week but for those filling up now, the best prices on average over the last quarter have been found in West Brisbane, with the average price of petrol in this region as low as 126.7cpl.

Perth residents have seen prices of around 131cpl (quarterly average). The best prices have been in East Perth at around 130.2cpl over the last quarter but prices are expected to spike again – petrol prices in Perth cycle every seven days with Tuesday usually the most expensive day of the week.

Canberra locals have been slugged with the highest average price at the bowser (139.1cpl). The analysis revealed that at the end of March, Canberra petrol prices had dropped by around 7cpl, and given this movement in pricing with prices in Canberra not cycling, motorists are advised to check prices before they pick up the pump.

Abigail Koch, spokesperson for says, “Petrol prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth run on cycles, which can make it difficult for motorists to know when and where to fill up their car. On average, prices this quarter sat around 130.1cpl but as Aussies gear up for the Easter long weekend, they’ll have to consider not just where to fill up but how much to fill up, depending on where they live particularly with there being an 8.7c difference between the lowest and highest average price around the country.”

Abigail adds: “Petrol price cycles follow a pattern of seven days to seven weeks and with that in mind, savvy motorists who are planning a road trip this long weekend can compare prices in their local area and find the best petrol station to fill up the tank at” also highlighted the most expensive sub-regions for petrol in each major city (excluding Canberra) as part of its analysis across the last three months. The most expensive sub-region for petrol in Australia was Melbourne’s Greensborough and Ivanhoe area, with residents paying 131.6cpl.

Sub-regions with the lowest ULP average between 10 January and 9 April 2017

CitySub-region3 month ULP average (cpl)
MelbourneFrankston / Cranbourne126.1
AdelaideWestern & beach suburbs124.5
BrisbaneWest Brisbane126.7
PerthEast region130.2

Sub-regions with the highest ULP average between 10 January and 9 April 2017

CitySub-region3 month ULP average (cpl)
SydneyCentral Northern Sydney131.2
MelbourneGreensborough / Ivanhoe131.6
AdelaideAdelaide Hills128.9
BrisbaneEast Brisbane130
PerthSouth region131.2

* Original data supplied by MotorMouth Pty Ltd


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