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CTM’s commitment to transparency supported by Senate Cmte recommendations

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11 Jan 2018 (CTM) has long held the view that by improving transparency across the private healthcare system, consumers would be empowered with a greater understanding of the benefits of their private health insurance.

The need for improved transparency was a key theme throughout the recently-released Senate Community Affairs References Committee’s report on the value and affordability of private health insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs.

CTM welcomes the Senate Committee’s insightful report, in particular recommendation 14 which states that “…intermediaries disclose any commissions received from private health insurers…” CTM continues to be the only comparison service that adheres to this model, and has done so since it announced its standardised pricing structure in March 2016.

The introduction of CTM’s standard rate saw all health funds pay the same for the service they receive from the comparator – equivalent to 27.75% of the first year’s premium. This initiative underpinned CTM’s commitment to transparency and continues to remove any perceived risk of CTM preferring one insurer over another based on hidden fees.

CTM believes that all health organisations – whether they are comparison services, health funds or medical professionals – should follow its example and fully disclose their pricing structures to ensure consumers are not caught out by unexpected costs.

“We are proud of the role we play in supporting Australia’s healthcare needs. Our comparison service is completely free for consumers, enabling them speak with Australian-based health insurance experts to compare and buy policies from 14 health funds – eight of which are within Australia’s top ten largest health funds,” said Abigail Koch, spokesperson for

“Health funds also rely on CTM’s service as a cost effective marketing channel for acquiring new customers,” continued Abigail. “We can be a significantly cheaper marketing channel than others such as television or Google advertising, as funds only pay us a commission when a sale is made, which means that less money is spent on non-guaranteed marketing activities.”

“By enabling health funds to acquire new members in a cost-efficient manner, we can help them to reduce their overall marketing spend, which can assist in alleviating pressure on funds’ annual premium increases. This, along with our expert comparisons, help consumers access better value health insurance policies that suit their individual needs,” said Abigail.

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