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Ski holiday mishaps – what to do before taking on the slopes

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Before taking off on your next travel adventure, you have to pack the essentials. Passport, wallet, maps and on the top of your priority list; travel insurance.

The right travel insurance policy will sufficiently cover you for all kinds of mishaps and if you’re ready to take on some winter sports this chilly season, then it might be time to start looking at your options.

Comparethemarket.com.au has a range of travel partners offering ski cover, but Aussies are encouraged to compare a variety of policies and what they have to offer as ski insurance can sometimes be an added option.

“Ski insurance can sometimes cover both skiers and snowboarders on and off piste, cover for any bad weather or avalanches, ski hire, emergency assistance whilst overseas and even cover for luggage and personal effects. It’s worth looking into your travel insurance policy to see if you’re covered for your next skiing trip,” says Abigail Koch, spokesperson for leading travel comparison service comparethemarket.com.au.

“Along with making sure you are covered for any ski incident, there are a number of tips that professional and first time skiers need to take into consideration before hitting the snow.”

Comparethemarket.com.au has created a handy list of “five dos and don’ts” to make sure your next ski holiday is memorable for the right reasons:

The ski holiday DOS:

DO follow local rules, for example, wearing helmets at all times and skiing/snowboarding in the right areas. Some insurers have the right to withdraw cover if you have an accident by not following local rules.

DO look after your ski equipment; make sure not to leave your snow gear unattended as it could be stolen. You may need to file a police report in order to claim.

DO check if you need a helmet; those who don’t wear a helmet might not be covered by their insurance provider for injuries on the slopes. Check the terms and conditions on your policy before buying your winter gear. Safety should always be the biggest priority.

DO get lessons. If you’re a first time skier especially, it’s recommended to take a few lessons on how to ski beforehand to get a basic understanding of the sport. This will help lower your chance of injury and mistakes on the slopes.

DO bring the essentials; this includes a waterproof/breathable ski jacket and pants, warm fleeces for under your ski jacket, warm socks, gloves, ski goggles and a woollen hat. Keeping warm and staying dry is very important when holidaying in cold conditions.


The ski holiday DON’TS:

DON’T drink before skiing. Holiday goers need to be aware that travel insurers can refuse to pay out medical costs if an injury was caused by being under the influence of alcohol. Maybe think twice about have a beer with your lunch before going out to ski.

DON’T go off-piste, unless you’ve checked your terms and conditions. Some travel insurers don’t cover skiers who go off-piste. Better safe than sorry!

DON’T forget you’re at altitude. When at the top of a mountain, even the simplest movements can tire you out fast. It’s important to remember that the air is thinner at high altitudes and will affect movement. Having a decent level of aerobic fitness can make a bit of difference before heading on your skiing holiday.

DON’T get carried away; travelling downhill at high speeds can be exhilarating but make sure you take your time to build your skill set and follow the advice given by your ski instructor. Ski at your own ability level and start slowly.

DON’T go straight for the cheapest deal. Getting the cheapest travel insurance deal may not equate to the best value for money. Your policy may not cover you for every skiing injury or travel mishap. Compare a range of different policies before jetting off.

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