On the Road Again – The Ultimate Weekend Roadtrip


Road TripAre you planning the ultimate weekend getaway? Whether you’re leaving the city behind for a romantic weekend in wine country, taking the kids on a farm stay or heading to the ski fields with friends, a weekend away is just what the doctor ordered to cure the mid-winter blues. Some of the best places may be off the beaten track though, so get ready for a ROAD TRIP!

Destination-schmestination. It’s all about the journey – if you do it right of course. We know you’ve packed the essentials like clothes, smartphone charger, esky and toiletries, so we’re not going to bother with the boring stuff. Instead, we’ve put together a few tips to keep things interesting in the car!

Book a Spa Day (for your car)

Before you head off on your weekend adventure, spare a thought for your hard-working motor vehicle; it will be working tirelessly to get you from point A to point B and every wayward tourist trap in between. Give your car a little TLC before you hit the open road. Throw out rubbish, remove any non-essential items (like that box of books you’ve been meaning to sell at a flea market) and give your car a thorough vacuum and wipe down. Wash the outside too, paying particular attention to windows and mirrors. It’s time to get down and dirty, so pop the hood to check your oil and windshield wiper fluid. Pre-trip prep is a good opportunity to check your tyre pressure, so trot down to the local service station and top up your tyres if necessary. Make sure you have a spare tyre (and check its pressure too!) and all tyre changing paraphernalia. If your car is due for a service, get the service done before you go on your trip – if you don’t, you risk any myriad of automotive mini-disasters that may leave you stranded kilometres from the nearest…well, anything!


Roadside Gourmet

We know we covered the whole ‘esky’ business earlier but pack a gourmet picnic to break out somewhere en-route – hopefully somewhere with a view or, equally useful, toilets. Pre-make your rolls, salads and bite sized desserts and enjoy a meal on the side of the road.

If you’d rather not tuck into a roadside feast, pack snacks anyway – especially if you have kids. It will save you money and time wasted at roadhouses and service stations.

Road Trip Roulette

If you really want to make the journey interesting, don’t plan the route down to the very last pit stop. Take the scenic route, opt for the detour or, if you’re really adventurous, play road trip roulette. The rules are simple. At the first crossroads, flip a coin to decide which way to turn. Repeat at each cross road. You never know where you may end up but that’s half the fun! You can also play tourist trap roulette, which uses the same principle except you detour for tourist spots (like wineries, caves, antique lace museums or giant pineapples).
Road trip family

BYO Entertainment

If you’re wandering the highways and byways of Australia with kids, nip boredom in the bud with an in car entertainment kit. Bring a tablet loaded with movies and games or a portable DVD player. Travel Scrabble and mini Trivial Pursuit are also great for older children. Avoid long stretches of silence where radio reception is patchy or non-existent by compiling a road tripping playlist ahead of time.  Looking for some playlist inspiration? Try a few of these 500 faves, including Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and U2. Crank up the stereo and sing along!

The Final Word

Whether you’re heading to the country, the beach or the big smoke for a weekend getaway, always consider roadside assistance cover for your car. You never know what’s ahead on the open road but with roadside assistance you’ll have peace of mind that if anything happens, you’ll be whistling ‘on the road again’ in no time. Happy driving!

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