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30 Oct 2020 14:34

Touring the world from your couch: How popular is VR travel in 2020?

Written by Eliza Buglar

With worldwide lockdowns bringing travel to a standstill, 2020 hasn’t gone easy on global tourism. But what has lockdown done to tourism through virtual reality?

29 Sep 2020 07:30

The PICE Index on environmental quality

Written by Matthew Keogh

To determine environmental quality, we've created the PICE Index’ for the 10 most-visited cities in the world. How will it affect your future travel plans?

16 Jun 2020 14:28

What if you could ride a 1,000 km/h train?

Written by Renee Olsson

We crunched the numbers to discover how a 1,000km/h (621.37mph) high-speed train may cut down future travel times

18 Mar 2019 08:30

Thailand map for Aussies

Written by Compare the Market

A trip to Thailand can be filled with wonder, but where should you go first? Our Thailand map sketches out 'must see' locales, plus we break it all down in easy-to-understand Aussie slang!

17 Sep 2018 14:00

Common legal medications that could get Aussies fined or jailed abroad

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Common over-the-counter medications that are legal in Australia such as cold and flu tablets, nicotine gum and even the contraceptive pill, could get Aussies fined or even locked up overseas.

31 Jul 2018 01:02

9 ultimate steps for planning your dream holiday

Written by Compare the Market

Make your holiday planning a breeze with our 13 ultimate steps to planning your dream holiday. This step-by-step guide highlights the most popular overseas travel destinations for Aussies, as well as what you need to know about your passport & visa among other factors. Start planning here!

12 Apr 2016 01:34

Our guide to travelling with your kids on a plane

Written by Compare the Market

Air travel with kids can test your patience and be frustrating to those around you. What foods and activities keep them distracted? Let's find out.

24 Mar 2016 01:38

What is sustainable travel?

Written by Compare the Market

Let's look at what sustainable tourism is, and what it means for the everyday travellers...and the destinations on their bucket list.