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28 Dec 2016 14:16

Are you doubling up on your insurance cover?

Written by Compare the Market

Insuring your car, travels, health and home are necessary evils. However, many Aussies are paying unnecessary money to insure the same risk twice.

18 Aug 2016 14:58

In the mood for adventure? How to look after yourself properly

Written by Compare the Market

When it comes to travelling, we love to make the most of our big trip. However, are we prepared for the rocky times ahead when we travel?

4 May 2016 01:48

What do Aussies with travel insurance claim on most?

Written by Compare the Market

From lost luggage to broken bones, travel insurance provides you with peace of mind that you’ll be protected against mid-trip mishaps. According to recent stats, Aussie travellers lodged over 248,000 travel insurance claims. So, what are the most common claims?Five...

12 Apr 2016 01:34

Our guide to travelling with your kids on a plane

Written by Compare the Market

Air travel with kids can test your patience and be frustrating to those around you. What foods and activities keep them distracted? Let's find out.

24 Mar 2016 01:38

What is sustainable travel?

Written by Compare the Market

Let's look at what sustainable tourism is, and what it means for the everyday travellers...and the destinations on their bucket list.

1 Feb 2016 06:49

The Tourist Rebate Scheme: refunds on holiday shopping

Written by Alex Rappel

Few Aussies are aware they can sometimes claim tax on overseas purchases. We run through the Tourist Refund Scheme & some others so you can take advantage.

17 Aug 2015 15:12

10 ways university students can save for a holiday

Written by Compare the Market

Top tips for students to make everyday savings for a holiday, from text books to transport, it’s all covered in this blog.