Smart Savers: Easy Ways You Can Save on Your Holiday


Travelling is worth every cent. But ask anyone who’s ever saved for a holiday, and they’ll confess that saving was the hardest part. They scrimped and sacrificed on every day luxuries to ensure an unforgettable experience. While going away, whether close to home or overseas, does require financial backing, it doesn’t mean you have to extend your credit limit to cater for higher spending.

We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to be a smart saver on your holiday.

Be Flexible with Your Flight Dates

If your holiday commitments allow it, be flexible with dates to secure the cheapest flight. Completing a simple search for deals on surrounding depart and returns dates could be significantly lower week to week – and it always pays to check, especially if the difference is over $100.

Be Flexible With Your Transport Options

It may be tempting to jump on a connecting flight to reach the end destination, but is this the cheapest mode of transport? For example, many people travelling to Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort in the United States opt to fly into LAX and catch a connecting flight to Mammoth Airport. The downside is that it can cost an individual upwards of $600 per person depending on the season. In this situation, another option could be to hire a rental car from LAX airport and take the four hour drive through beautiful scenery to Mammoth Lakes airport for as little as $30-70 per day plus petrol. It’s another way to see the country and save hundreds on connecting flight costs.

Use Discount and Comparison Websites

It’s always a nice feeling to receive a discount for something you would normally pay full price for. Voucher code and discount websites, as well as comparison sites can offer good deals on big ticket items like accommodation, flights and travel insurance.

When Searching for Travel Related Purchases Go Incognito

Have your flight or accommodation prices bumped up considerably since your initial search? This might not be due to season or the end of a sale. Not all, but quite a few companies use cookies to track how many times a person has visited a certain page. If they believe someone is interested in a particular product, they may increase the price to secure the sale. To avoid this, search in an incognito window or disable your cookies.

Book ahead, book online

While you may want to leave a little time for spontaneity – it is an adventure after all – paying ahead of time and online can be an easy way to save, especially on public transport. One example found is for the Amtrak train system in the United States, who often offer online only deals for certain train routes around the country.

Set up for price alerts

Got your eye on a specific country? Set up price and sale alerts which will send a notification if this destination comes on sale. You can be quick to jump on the sale price before time (or their quota) runs out.

Use AirBnb or become a house sitter

Really looking to save money on accommodation? Many people are jumping on Airbnb to rent out entire homes or private rooms to cut down on hotel expenses. Alternatively, if you don’t mind looking after a few house pets, there is a growing market for reliable house sitters – this could be a great solution if you’re planning to stay in one area for the duration of the trip.

Sightsee like a tourist, live like a local

Want to live like a local whilst travelling? Sign up for free events and activities around the city. Whether it is yoga, art classes, walking tours, or national museums, free activities are just as fun, and help you to meet other locals. Another option is to buy sightseeing cards or passes, such as an annual national park pass ($80 in America) or a public transport card, to cut down on single fare costs – which are generally higher.

Cutting down on travel expenses is easy, but there are a few purchases you should avoid skimping on – notably, your travel insurance. Always make sure you pack the right type of travel insurance for your trip, read the PDS to ensure you’re covered for what you need, and most importantly, compare your options!


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