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Top Five Travel Trips For Overseas Travellers

Travelling overseas can be both scary and exciting. Whether you’re venturing off on your own or it’s a bonding experience with friends or family, the prospect of discovering unknown international destinations is always highly anticipated by those affected by wanderlust. Opening yourself up to new opportunities and unfamiliar sights will guarantee you have the worldsignsadventure of a lifetime.

As wonderful as overseas travel is, however, there are a fair few ground rules you may want to keep in mind, to ensure your trip is both safe and fun. While not knowing a great deal about your destination(s) may appeal to your desire to explore, there’s a fine line between eagerly exploring unknown territories and potentially getting into a sticky situation. Getting lost, losing your belongings or falling ill, for example, are all common mishaps to befall roaming travellers. Suffering one of these events is bound to ruin an otherwise enjoyable overseas getaway, so it’s important that you formulate a practical plan and organise all your travel affairs before you jet off. By ticking a few crucial boxes before your departure and during your trip, you can take the right steps to ensuring that your amazing overseas adventure goes off without a hitch.


Double-Check Your Documents

It may seem super obvious, but you might be surprised by how often people lose important travel documents or forget to have their passports renewed in time. Before you even book your tickets, make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your return to Australia. Whilst travelling, be vigilant about keeping all the paperwork you’ll need on your trip in a safe place that you can access easily. It’s also a good idea to keep your passport separate from other forms of identification, just in case the former gets lost or is stolen. If this does happen while you’re overseas, you are required by law to report this occurrence to the nearest Australian embassy, high commission or consulate.


Invest In Travel Insurance


“If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel” – that’s how the saying goes, and there’s never been a truer sentiment. If you suffer an accident and need emergency medical assistance in a foreign country, or if any of your belongings are stolen, or even if your flights are delayed or cancelled, you’ll definitely be thankful to have travel insurance to help you out. Otherwise you could find yourself facing hefty medical fees or stranded without any financial aid in a completely unfamiliar environment. Either way, it’s probably not the exciting overseas adventure you hoped for! If you need to shop around for the right travel insurance policy, check out’s range of travel insurance providers.


Pack Smart

The key to packing is to be prepared for all eventualities, which can definitely be difficult, especially if you’re not planning on taking much luggage. With a little ingenuity, however, you can be fairly crafty with the possessions you take. Vacuum bags are fantastic if you want to fit a lot of items into a small space. Make sure to take weather-appropriate clothing, but be mindful that it might be either hotter of colder than you expected once you reach your destination(s). Be frugal and practical when you pack – you probably don’t need your entire shoe collection! You should also conduct a little research beforehand to make sure that you’re not bringing anything into another country that’s illegal there.


Adapt To Your Environment

If you’re travelling to an overseas country, you may encounter cultures, customs and languages that are different to those found in Australia. You and/or your travelling companions might find these changes startling or strange. Whether or not you enjoy these differences, however, don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re standing on foreign ground. Learning about diverse ways of life is one of the best things about travelling, so try to learn as much as you can about other peoples and their interests and beliefs. Wherever you go, it’s important to be respectful of the way of life in that country.


Look After Your Health

Health should always be priority when you’re travelling, because it’s never fun to see new sights when you’re not feeling your absolute best. Before you head off, remember to check out whether or not you’ll need vaccinations for the areas you’re visiting. For quick and easy access, pack any medicines or prescriptions you’ll need into your carry-on luggage, but remember to adhere to the liquid and aerosol regulations for the airline(s) you’re flying with. paperboatIt’s also a good idea to put together a small first-aid kit, filled with band-aids, antiseptic, general medicines (such as paracetamol and antacids), insect repellent and sunscreen, in case these items are difficult to acquire in a foreign country. In certain parts of the world, you should drink bottled water instead of tap water, so you might want to investigate whether this is relevant to your itinerary before you depart.


Even if you’re raring to go in anticipation of your trip, you should have a clear mind and a level head when it comes to ensuring your own safety and wellbeing while you’re travelling abroad. By following these five travel tips and doing a little research of your own into the countries you plan to visit, you’ll be all set to properly enjoy your overseas adventures.


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