What do we mean when we say we’re ‘the biggest’ when it comes to car insurance quote comparison websites?


It’s simples.

You can compare the features and pricing of more car insurance brands and policies side-by-side at Compare the Market than on any other comparison website.

Some comparison websites might show you more brands, but you won’t be able to compare the prices side by side. Other comparison websites might show you the prices, but not as many brands.

This is the most compelling reason why we should be your first choice for comparing car insurance each year.

Why compare with us?

We’re bigger. More choices mean less chance of missing out on a great-value policy.

It’s 100% free. Our service costs $0 to use and takes minutes to try. Can’t argue with free!

Features and pricing. With us, you have all the information you need to find a policy that meets your needs.

Why it’s a big deal to be the biggest car insurance quote comparison site

In the 15 years preceding September 2016, car insurance premiums increased at an average annual rate of around 1.7% per year, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.1

Many of us – roughly 81% of respondents, according to a survey that we carried out – expect our car insurance premiums to go up every year.2 Our research also suggests that 89% of Australians stayed with their current car insurer from the previous year.3 That’s a real problem, as the majority of Aussies could be spending more than they need to on their policies.

“… An analysis of 11 car insurance policies on Compare The Market revealed quotes can vary by almost $1,000 for a female drive in Sydney with a popular small car, depending on the coverage and features of the policy.”4

– Abigail Koch, household savings expert at comparethemarket.com.au

Most believe they can’t get a better deal elsewhere. The good news is that they can! Shopping around gives you more opportunities to find a policy that helps you save on the rising cost of car insurance – a product many of us rely on.


Do you compare all car insurance brands?

Not at the moment, but we’d like to! We regularly invite different insurers to participate in our comparison service in hopes of expanding our service offering for all Australians. Until then, we’ll show you results from each of the insurers on our panel who are happy to offer you cover.

I like having choices, but I don’t want to have to shop around!

We get it; it’s much easier to roll over your current car insurance policy each year, rather than shop around. Also, more choices can mean more work – even though more options help you narrow down the best available deal.

Lucky for you, it couldn’t be easier to compare on our website.

It’s simple really; you start by providing us with some basic information on your vehicle and driving history, as well as the type of policy you’re interested in. Once that’s done, we’ll present you with a list of policies that may suit your needs. From here, it’s easy to compare your options by price and features – all the choice, none of the fuss!

We’re not just the biggest, either

Car insurance is an important product to get right; you want something that comes at a great price and adequately covers your driving throughout the year.

Aussies rely on our service to find such policies. In fact, 1.2 million customers compared car insurance with us in the last 12 months*!

*As of October 2019


  1. Insurance Council of Australia Senate Inquiry Submission (2017)
  2. Survey commissioned by Compare the Market & conducted by Pureprofile.
  3. Survey commissioned by Compare the Market & conducted by Pureprofile.
  4. comparethemarket.com.au analysis of 11 car insurance policies for a 33-year-old female Sydney driver with a 2015 white Toyota Corolla 4dr sedan and a 3-year no claims discount, found the least expensive quote was $876 and the most expensive was $1,857.

You’ve made it to the end!

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