With car security systems getting more advanced and newer cars largely replacing older, more theft-prone models on the road, the outlook for Australian car owners is pretty positive. That being said, car theft still happens on a large scale – as attested by vehicle theft statistics.

In 2015, there were 51,534 total motor vehicle thefts in Australia, with the total value of all stolen light passenger vehicles stolen being $434.7 million. Furthermore, if you have a closer look at the statistics, you’ll see that over half of stolen vehicles were taken from residential homes.

Out of the top five most popular cars that get stolen across Australia, three are Holden Commodore models. The reason is that these cars aren’t fitted with standard car alarms and are therefore more prone to being broken into. Also, if your car was manufactured before 2001, it might not be equipped with an Australian-standard immobiliser, which is a device that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is inserted.

To avoid the potential theft or loss of your vehicle, you simply need to follow the below rules:

  • Park your car in a garage or behind locked gates.
  • Never leave your car keys where they can be easily taken (e.g. near a front door or a street-facing window).
  • Always lock your car when you leave it.
  • Fit your vehicle with an Australian-standard immobiliser.
  • Never keep spare keys in your car.

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