In 2016, there were 1,290 road deaths in Australia, marking a five-year road fatality high. Worse still, more children are killed today as car passengers than in any other form of transport.

With the above in mind, the correct car seat use in passenger vehicles can reduce the threat of injury and even death. We have put together a quick list of child car safety rules for parents:

  • Children under four cannot legally travel in the front seat
  • Children under the age of seven cannot travel in the car without an approved restraint
  • All children must be safely fastened in an appropriate child car seat
  • Baby seats should be placed in the back and be rear-facing
  • The child car seat must meet Australian standards.

We elaborate on the above rules in the infographic below. Additionally, it’s worth noting that some insurers cover child restraints. For details, check your car insurance policy.

motoring safety infographic

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