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Blue NRG at a glance

  • Based in Melbourne and Australian-owned
  • Provides electricity to Australian businesses only
  • Helping small and medium-sized businesses across South East Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales
  • Solutions to reduce energy usage and bills

About Blue NRG

Founded in Melbourne in 2012, Blue NRG set out to fill the gap of electricity retailers that solely cater to small and medium-sized Australian businesses.

While many electricity retailers cater primarily to the residential market, Blue NRG proudly provides thousands of businesses with electricity solutions across South East Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help business customers with their unique electricity needs, Blue NRG prides itself on three key things:

  • providing the best customer service;
  • offering great prices for electricity usage; and
  • giving customers the best user experience

Blue NRG contributes to the Australian economy by creating job opportunities within Australia and never outsourcing their customer service centres overseas. The company also prides itself on being ethically and socially responsible by providing customers the option where they can still use electricity but improve energy efficiency.

Services offered by Blue NRG

At Blue NRG, the goal is simple: To help your business reduce its energy costs. Services offered by Blue NRG include the following:

Energy health checks

Blue NRG’s energy health checks are assessments that help your business better understand electricity usage and costs. These checks help you identify where your business could save money.

Tariff optimisation

Through Blue NRG’s tariff optimisation service, your business may be able to save by switching to a different tariff structure that provides lower costs.

Energy management systems

Blue NRG offers a range of energy management systems that provide insights into your business’ electricity usage at a circuit and appliance level. Essentially, this provides information about when electricity is being used and the types of equipment that are using the most energy within your business.

Solar power and photovoltaic (PV) systems

Blue NRG can assess whether your business will benefit from a solar PV system or battery storage. They can also project manage the system and ensure your business receives all the benefits it should.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Blue NRG?

If you’re a small or medium-sized business in Australia, there are several reasons why you may choose Blue NRG. These include:

  • Australian team – Blue NRG’s friendly team are based in Australia to offer you the assistance you need.
  • Competitive pricing – Blue NRG works hard to offer fair pricing to match their services.
  • Transparent billing – Blue NRG offers clear and correct billing information that’s easy to understand.
  • Added services – Blue NRG partners with an independent consultancy to help better understand how your business can improve its electricity usage.
  • Manage your account online – Through Blue NRG’s My Account platform, you can track your business’ energy usage, access billing details and better understand your electricity costs.

What types of businesses does Blue NRG work with?

Blue NRG works with an array of businesses across Australia. These include:

  • Automotive companies and service stations
  • Body corporates and accommodation
  • Retail, food and beverage businesses
  • Commercial businesses
  • Schools
  • Not-for-profit companies

Does Blue NRG offer concessions?

Because Blue NRG caters solely to business customers, they generally aren’t eligible for concessions. However, if you’re a concession card holder with questions about this, you should contact Blue NRG directly.

Can I choose whether I pay Blue NRG bills quarterly or monthly?

Blue NRG only offers monthly billing, as there may be higher electricity costs in a lump sum total of three months. Blue NRG’s goal is to keep your business’ electricity bill down.

What payment options are available with Blue NRG?

At Blue NRG, there are various ways to pay your bill, including:

  • with a credit card;
  • by setting up direct debit;
  • through the phone;
  • via the mail or post by sending a cheque; and
  • by paying through Zip.

How much notice do I need to give if my business is relocating?

Blue NRG requires at least four business days’ notice if your business is moving premises or if you’re relocating.  You can do this through your online account or by calling Blue NRG directly.

Does Blue NRG have a hardship policy?

Yes, Blue NRG has a hardship policy if you’re struggling to pay your electricity bill. If you’re struggling in any way to pay your bill, contact Blue NRG. They may be able to offer:

  • payment extensions;
  • personalised payment plans;
  • extended repayment timeframes; and
  • help when applying for government schemes and assistance.

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