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Comparethemarket.com.au compares energy plans with the assistance of our trusted affiliate, Residential Connections Pty Ltd.

If you choose to make a switch through Residential Connections, but decide to change your mind you may cancel the application. Please ensure you cancel your new agreement within the 10 business day cooling off period.

However, if you wish to cancel your application to switch or connect after your 10 business day cooling off period, depending on your contract terms (i.e. contract term contract or open contract) you may incur an exit fee. This statement does not hold true for open contracts.

For any cancellation request with your new retailer, you will need to contact the newly appointed retailer in writing. You will receive a confirmation when you switch retailer, and the new retailer will provide the procedure for cancelling the contract.

The procedure varies for move in connections. If you choose to move in and decide to cancel during the cooling off period, then you will not be charged an exit fee. However if during that period your property has been connected with energy supply, then a connection fee is applicable to you. This charge is levied by the distributor and not your chosen retailer, although it will be billed by your retailer.

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