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What is the switching time frame?

In recent times, a percentage of energy retailers have adapted to portals that allow customers to submit their applications online. This process is time efficient and entails simple steps to process an application. However, this does not apply to all retailers. Some energy retailers may require you to contact them directly through their web portal.

Upon receiving an application, your new energy retailer will organise your account. This process could take up to three months to complete. The reason for the above-mentioned time frame is due to the fact that the distributors read the meters every 3 months (meter reading varies in Victoria – 3 months for electricity and 2 months for gas). It also allows for the new retailer to get an accurate meter reading when they start billing you.

In the event you request your new retailer to switch your account immediately, the process can be expedited by arranging a special meter read on the requested date only if the application is approved by your new retailer. Take note, however, that there may be additional costs involved for a special meter read; please contact your new retailer for further information.

If your energy retailers are different for gas and electricity, then your energy accounts may be transferred on different dates unless a special meter read is requested. Please note that all communication with your current energy retailer will be done by your new retailer. Residential Connections Pty Ltd recommends that you do not arrange for a disconnection with your current retailer.

However, if moving houses you can request a disconnection date. Concurrently, you should provide your new energy retailer with the move in date, also ensuring the new retailer has been informed with ample time to make the arrangements.

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