compares Energy plans with the assistance of our trusted affiliate, Thought World. Note: The below information was kindly supplied by Thought World.

Thought World calculator and accuracy:

Thought World’s calculator can be used to determine the results of various energy plans on the market. However the accuracy is relative only to the energy plans provided by the retailer. Thought World is not liable to display all the energy plans for all the energy retailers.

The Thought World calculator makes a number of assumptions. These assumptions do not overrule any rules and laws of any state government.

Loss of statutory protection:

Governments in certain states provide a standing offer contract to their customers, which enable the customer to be charged only as per the government regulations. In the event a customer chooses to switch retailers, the standing offer changes to a market offer.

However, a customer can choose to go back to the previous offer, should they choose to no longer be on the current market contract.

Customers can determine their plans (regulated or non-regulated) depending on if they switched retailers following the introduction of energy market deregulation. For example, if a customer has not changed energy retailers since the deregulation of the market, they will be on a regulated offer and may lose the protection if they choose to switch to a non-market offer.

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