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Comparethemarket.com.au compares Energy plans with the assistance of our trusted affiliate, Residential Connections Pty Ltd. Note: The below information was kindly supplied by Residential Connections Pty Ltd.

Residential Connections work with multiple retailers. In order to provide its customers with the best offer available in their area, Residential Connections attempts to provide various offers from every retailer that they work with.

Residential Connections is able to provide comparisons only to customers who are on a commercial contract with their current retailer. They are unable to provide comparisons for embedded networks and prepayment meters.

Residential Connections’ goal is to provide you with accurate results, provided the information submitted to them is true. With respect to the information on their website provided by the retailers they work with is concerned, every retailer strives to ensure the information is up to date.

Residential Connections endeavours to display precise results for all retailers for both costs and savings. The results though are relative to the information you submit on their website. To ensure all information provided on their website is accurate, they retrieve the tariff content directly from the energy retailers, or those that are issued on their website.

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