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Change is refreshing and exciting, it can steer you in a new direction and save you time and money. It’s inevitable – a necessary part of life, like a new job, moving to a new city or even something as simple as a haircut. When it comes to the necessities that affect us on a day to day basis, like our utilities, we often don’t give it much thought after signing up to one product or another. However, when you’re not connected with the best provider for your specific needs, frustration, dissatisfaction and confusion may follow.

So how do you know when it is the right time to compare the options and make the switch?


  • You’re interested in saving money. Have you ever opened an energy bill only to feel pure shock upon reading the figures on the page? Read our page on bill shock here.
  • You want better customer service. Dissatisfied with the result or service received when troubleshooting an issue with a customer service representative? This page is for you.
  • You feel you could be missing out. If you’ve been loyal to one provider, you might be asking yourself if this is really paying off – visit this page to find out.
  • You want to ‘go green’, or make a change. Want your home to reflect your lifestyle, like being more environmentally friendly, or adapting to a change in the number of people living under the one roof? See this page on what to do if you’re looking for something new.
  • You’re moving house. One of the most common reasons for switching providers is moving house. It’s a great opportunity to start afresh and ensure you have the best deal for you. Head to our specific information on moving house here.

If the above points are resonating with you, it may be time to consider your options and change energy providers. Is it time for change?

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