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Yep, it’s a confusing time of the year. Some health insurance policies changed on 1 April, while others will do so some time in the next year.

And surely having the wrong cover is like having no cover at all?

But relax! Take a deep breath.
*In, and out.*
We’re here to make it all simples.

Here’s what’s changing

A number of health insurance policies changed overnight on 1 April, but most Aussies didn’t feel prepared for that change.

In fact, our survey showed that three in four of our respondents didn’t believe they were getting enough notice.*
Those facing some of the most significant changes may be the ones who can no longer claim on services they rely on. The changeover to the new Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers – which make it simpler to shop for the right health insurance – means old policies need to change. Some may gain coverage; some may lose coverage.

On the other hand, younger Aussies now have more reasons to take out cover; they could reap up to 10% in discounts on hospital cover until the age of 41. Also, everyone can now increase their voluntary excess, which reduces the overall cost of hospital cover!

Don’t forget, extras policies changed too. They no longer include cover for 16 types of natural therapies, including aromatherapy, homeopathy, tai chi and yoga.

* Survey conducted by Pureprofile December 2018

Advantages & disadvantages of the 2019 changes


Tiers make hospital policies more straightforward

Hospital insurance now comes in seven easy-to-understand tiers, but your old policy might have lost or gained coverage in the changeover. Or, your policy may still be awaiting these changes, as insurers have until 1 April 2020 to roll out the new tiers.
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Aussies under 30 could receive a discount

Want up to 10% off private hospital cover? If you’re aged between 18 and 29, this could be you! Plus, this discount can last until you’re in your 40s. It is, however, up to health funds as to which policies will offer the discount.
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Health insurance got more expensive…again

Premiums increased an average of 3.25% on 1 April, but some policies may have gone up by more or less than this amount. Find out what this means for your private health insurance, whether it’s an extras or hospital policy.

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Here’s what you should do about it

The best action you can take is to be decisive and figure out how these changes might affect you. We understand that it can be intimidating to try and understand some of the complexities of health insurance, though, so we’ve put together some resources to help you.

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