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Are you missing out on your Medicare rebates?

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10 Mar 2019

Around 670,000 Australians are owed a collective $110 million in Medicare rebates, according to the Department of Human Services.[1]

According to the Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation, Michael Keenan MP, the unpaid Medicare rebates – averaging $150 per person – are due to people not providing the service with their banking details.

Some people could be missing out on much more than this.

The Minister reminded all Australians to ensure our details are up to date, which will allow Medicare to deposit any owed rebates directly into the correct bank accounts.

How do I update my banking details with Medicare to receive my rebates?

Luckily, it’s a pretty simple process to provide your banking details to Medicare. You’ll need to have your BSB number, account number, and account name handy.[2]

You can add your banking details online, through the Express Plus Medicare app, or via a form. To update your details online, log into your Medicare account through myGov, select ‘proceed to online account’, select ‘banking details’, and then simply enter your details.

If you’re using the Medicare app to add your banking details, open the app and select ‘my profile’. You’ll then need to select ‘finance’ and then ‘bank details’, where you’ll be able to enter your details. You can also add your banking details by filling out the bank account details collection form and then posting it to the provided address or taking it to a Medicare service centre.

If you’re one of the 670,000 people who’re owed their rebate, Medicare will deposit it in your account within a few days of receiving your bank details.¹

Now that I’ve added my details, how would I claim a Medicare rebate in the future?

When you visit a health practitioner, you may be bulk billed or issued with a patient account.[3] If you’ve been bulk billed, then you need not do or pay anything, as the invoice for your treatment is sent directly to Medicare for payment.

If you’ve been issued with a patient account, then you’ll need to pay this account and claim for the cost of the account through Medicare. Medicare rebates are paid directly to your nominated bank account, and you can claim a rebate in a number of different ways.[4]

You can claim your Medicare rebate at your doctor’s practice – if they’re set up for electronic claiming – through the practice’s secure internet connection or an EFTPOS terminal; the practice staff will arrange and step you through the billing. The claim is processed and the rebate paid directly back onto the EFTPOS card you used to pay for the service, or into your bank account.

If your doctor isn’t set up for electronic claiming, you can submit your claim to Medicare via the Express Plus Medicare app or your Medicare account through myGov.[5] You’ll need your Medicare card, up-to-date banking details, and the receipt for your doctor’s services to upload to Medicare.

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