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Hello Possums! Dame Edna rescues meerkats in a classic case of mistaken identity

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2 Mar 2020

Leading insurance comparison service Compare the Market has launched its third and final chapter of their new campaign to the nation on Sunday night via its latest TVC.

The TVC – ‘Hello Possums’ – sees Aleksandr and Sergei looking a bit worse for wear after wandering around the Australian bush, all because a possum catcher failed to compare. As the meerkats emerge from the wild , they are just in time to hitch a ride home in style. When Aleks and Sergei get inside the car, they are met by none other than Dame Edna, who greets them with her famous expression ‘Hello Possums!’

Christopher Catchpoole, Chief Marketing Officer at Compare the Market, says not everyone makes the right decision the first time, even if you are a celebrity.

“Our latest ad concludes the amusing series with the colourful Dame Edna, who comically also appears to confuse the meerkats for possums via her trademark greeting. The storyline serves to subtly remind consumers about the importance of comparison and doing their research before making any significant purchases. At the end of the day, it really does pay to compare, as you could be saving time, money and even stress in the long run when buying a new product through Compare the Market.”

Paul Sharp, Creative Director for VCCP Sydney, says: “It’s such a fitting way to end our epic three-part (mis)adventure. We’re also very excited to be sharing the complete three-part story online and as a limited 90-second cinema spot.”

Everyday Aussies will be saying ‘Hello Possums!’ in no time with the use of Compare the Market’s latest Instagram and Facebook story filter. Whilst wearing the infamous Dame Edna glasses, you can choose from a range of frame colours by tapping the screen and deciding which palette is right for your look. Aleksandr will also make an appearance in the filter, so you’ll have a chance to take a selfie with him too!

Search “Hello Possums” on Instagram or Facebook today – you’ll be feeling like a pretty possum in no time.

Make comparison a part of your everyday living too. Compare over 1000 products from more than 100 brands at, from health insurance all the way through to petrol prices and much more. It doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming (like the meerkats getting stuck in the bush), you can easily compare prices, features and benefits in just a few minutes. You never know, you may find a deal that suits you better and feel ‘fabulous’ in no time!

‘Hello Possums’ can be viewed here:


Melbourne Passion

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London Passion

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Agency: VCCP Sydney

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  • Writer: Gary Dawson
  • Executive Planning Director: Kim Feitelberg


  • CMO: Christopher Catchpoole
  • Brand and Campaign Manager: Karen Gear
  • Brand and Campaign Specialist: Carolina Perez Rebolledo
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