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Ski lift passes in high demand despite COVID-19 second wave

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31 Jul 2020

Just before Victoria’s second wave, the demand for ski lift passes had soared with thousands queueing online to get their passes.

The total number of Google searches for ‘lift passes’ and ‘ski passes’ (908 searches) were at an all time high since June 2011 (1131 searches), despite many ski resorts having cut their maximum capacities to adhere to social distancing rules.

However, Victoria saw record-breaking new cases of COVID-19 early July. With borders closing, the introduction of new postcode restrictions and lockdowns, it’s unlikely that everyone who’s bought tickets will be able to go.

Ski lift passes have dropped in price

The complete withdrawal of international tourism has caused a massive detriment to many local businesses around Australia. Ski resorts have dropped their prices to encourage local tourism amidst this economic crisis.

When Thredbo released tickets in June, their website to crashed because of the sheer number of people overwhelming the site. Other ski resorts, such as Perisher, sold out of tickets until the 10 July,[i] but may release more tickets at a later date.

Here is a 2019/2020 comparison of the average prices (three-day pass for adults) for the five most popular ski resorts in Australia.

Ski resort2019 prices2020 prices
Mount HothamData unavailable$399[iv]
Falls Creek$410[vii]$351[viii]
Mount Buller$278[ix]$367[x]
Note: Prices vary depending on which day you go, how many days in advance you purchase the passes, and whether you purchase them at the resort or online.

How are new restrictions impacting ski resorts?

Ski resorts offered great-value deals mid-June before Australia saw the spikes in COVID-19 for the second time in late June/early July. While interstate borders have reopened recently, New South Wales is temporarily closing its borders to Victoria from 8 July.[xi]

Thredbo (NSW) have stated that they’ve had to reduce their maximum capacity by 50% to adhere to social distancing rules. However, they’re not expecting a significant impact on their winter trade because they only receive a small percentage of skiers from Victoria each year.

While resorts in NSW aren’t as impacted by new restrictions, their neighbours in Victoria tell a different story. Falls Creek and Mount Hotham (VIC) have suspended their ski lift operations entirely due to COVID-19. [xii]

A spokesperson from Falls Creek reported that they’ve had reduced visitation this season.

Both resorts also offered refunds on entry and season passes for those unable to visit this year due to government restrictions.

“My friends and I couldn’t make it to Falls Creek this year because of COVID-19,” said Julia Nguyen, a resident from a restricted postcode in Victoria.

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