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Which recipes does lockdown have us searching for?

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10 Aug 2021
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Over the last month alone, four different states have been sent into lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreaks, sending millions of people across the country into the confines of their homes.

With more free time at home on their hands, we’re sure people have found countless ways to keep themselves and their families occupied during lockdowns; after all, we all heard about the bread baking boom that occurred during last year’s stay-at-home period. We wondered this time around, though: what other kinds of recipes are people Googling for at home?

We thought we’d poke around in Google Trends data to find out.

Starting with the locked-down states

NSW, QLD, VIC and SA have all experienced – or are experiencing – lockdowns within the last 30 days, so we shifted our focus to them first. Here’s what we found!

Top five recipe-related search terms in the last 30 days
‘bread recipe’‘pancake recipe’‘pancake recipe’‘pancake recipe’
‘banana bread recipe’‘pumpkin soup recipe’‘chocolate cake recipe’‘carbonara recipe’
‘pancake recipe’‘carbonara recipe’‘fried rice recipe’‘scones recipe’
‘pumpkin soup recipe’‘chocolate cake recipe’‘banana bread recipe’
‘fried rice recipe’‘cookie recipe’‘scones recipe’
Source: Google Trends, data obtained 6 August 2021.
* SA only returned three top results

Clearly, Australians still love getting their bake on!

As well as the top searched recipes, we also looked at the rising search queries (those that had the biggest search increases within the timeframe we selected). In NSW and QLD, ‘pad thai recipe’ was the breakout star of recipe-related Google searches, while ‘scones recipe’ experienced the biggest search frequency increase in SA. Victorians, meanwhile, were busy searching for ‘pavlova recipes’.

Outside of lockdown

For good measure, we also analysed the search data for the whole country overall for the last 30 days. Here’s what we uncovered in Google Trends.

Top and rising five recipe-related search terms in the last 30 days
‘bread recipe’‘garlic bread recipe’
‘pancake recipe’‘macaron recipe’
‘banana bread recipe’‘mint sauce recipe’
‘cookie recipe’‘aioli recipe’
‘carbonara recipe’‘red velvet cake recipe’
Source: Google Trends, data obtained on 6 August 2021

Did you see some of your Google searches in any of these results?


  • We input the word ‘recipe’ into Google Trends, set the region to Australia and the time frame to the past 30 days
  • We exported the ‘Related queries’ data for firstly Australia then for each of the states and territories

N.B.: Due to the sampling mechanism of Google Trends, top and rising results – even those historically – are subject to change. Data was gathered on 6 August 2021.


Google Trends, accessed 6 August 2021.

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