Our mission


Here at Compare the Market, our goal is to help Australians make better decisions when it comes to budgeting for health insurancecar insurance – including, life insuranceincome protectionhome & contents insurancetravel insurance and more.

We’ve been doing this for years, which is why we’re now opening ourselves up to new opportunities. Not only does this mean we have a better chance to help others with their finances, but it also means we can improve the lives of Australians in other, meaningful ways.

That work can begin with sponsorships and grants.

Who should apply for a Compare the Market sponsorship?


We’re open to supporting a variety of organisations, particularly those that:

For example, we’re happy to sponsor local community groups like a local kids soccer team, or a charity drive being held by a school.

Projects we will not sponsor


While we will consider any proposal sent to us, we will not support:

In addition to the above, we do not sponsor individuals.

How we review applications


Our business will rigorously assess any application we receive, and endeavour to be as fair-minded and transparent about this process as possible. If your proposal aligns with our company’s values and is economically feasible, we’ll give it a fair review. If you’d like us to sponsor anything that is time sensitive (e.g. a charity event), you’ll have to send through an application as far ahead of time as possible.

How you can apply


Simply complete a Request for Sponsorship through our application page.

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Previous Sponsorships


Sunshine WA children's charity

Compare the Market is a Major sponsor of the Sunshine WA children’s charity, which provides support to children and youth in crisis care and in out-of-home care under the care of the Western Australian government.