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Tilda Travel insurance at a glance:

  • Dependants under 19 (and not working) covered for free
  • Unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses
  • Over 40 automatically covered pre-existing medical conditions
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

About Tilda Travel

Tilda Travel is a family-friendly, online travel insurance provider. Australian CEO Mark Tarring chose to name the brand after his daughter, Matilda.

Tilda Travel makes organising travel insurance for singles, couples and whole broods easy and affordable. Whatever type of holiday you’ve planned, you can get peace of mind with Tilda Travel insurance.

What does Tilda Travel insurance cover?

Tilda Travel offers three types of international travel insurance.

Comprehensive international. This top-level cover provides unlimited coverage for overseas medical and hospital expenses (including transport and repatriation). You may also be covered (up to a maximum limit) for:

  • overseas dental expenses
  • additional expenses
  • travel delay and cancellation costs
  • resumption of travel and return airfares (if you need to return home for a family emergency but want to resume your trip afterwards)
  • loss, damage or theft of luggage and personal items (including glasses and sunglasses),
  • alternative transport costs for special events     
  • loss of income
  • legal liability
  • overseas funeral expenses.

Mid-range international. This mid-tier policy offers unlimited coverage for overseas medical and hospital expenses. You may also be covered (up to the applicable limit) for:

  • overseas dental expenses,
  • cancellation costs,
  • loss, damage or theft of luggage and personal effects,
  • return airfares,
  • emergency non-medical expenses,
  • legal liability,
  • overseas funeral expenses.

Essentials international. This basic policy covers the necessities for your overseas trip and provides unlimited coverage for medical and hospital expenses, as well as cover (up to the applicable limit) for dental, legal liability and funeral costs.

Domestic travel insurance

Tilda Travel offers three types of travel insurance for Aussies travelling at home.

Comprehensive domestic. This top-level policy offers coverage with the highest applicable limit for cancellation costs, lost, stolen or damaged luggage, along with personal effects and legal liability.

Mid-range domestic. This mid-tier policy provides coverage (up to the applicable limit) for cancellation costs, lost, stolen or damaged luggage, plus personal belongings and legal liability.

Essentials domestic. This basic policy offers limited coverage for theft or damage to baggage and personal items and legal liability.

Tilda Travel has you covered for whatever type of holiday you’ve planned. That’s why you can add the following (as optional extras) to any international or domestic travel cover:

  • cruise insurance,
  • snow and winter sports insurance,
  • hire car excess insurance.

Remember to always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of your policy for specific inclusions and category limits.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tilda travel insurance worth it?

Travel insurance is as important as taking your passport with you on your trip. Why? Because it can protect you financially against the unexpected during your travels; like if you suddenly fell ill and needed hospital treatment, or got your luggage nicked on the train. Tilda Travel offers flexible travel cover options for singles, couples and families.

How to make a claim with Tilda Travel?

The simplest way to lodge a claim with Tilda Travel is via their online claims system. Alternatively, you can download a claim form and submit your claim over the phone. To make the claims process easier for you and your insurer, have your policy number ready and make sure to submit all your supporting documentation.

Once lodged, your claim will usually be assessed within 10 business days. At this point, Tilda Travel will notify you in case you need to submit any further information/documentation for your claim. Generally, you have up to 30 days after your return to Australia to lodge a claim.

Do I have to pay an excess?

A standard excess will apply for certain benefits listed on your policy. But ultimately, your total excess payable will depend on your level of cover and what benefit(s) you’re claiming on. You can always check your Certificate of Insurance (COI) for more details. You also can reduce your excess to $0, by adding the zero-excess option to your policy (at an extra cost) when you purchase your cover.

Who do I contact for emergency assistance while overseas?

In case of emergency or if you need urgent assistance, you can call Tilda Travel’s 24/7 emergency assistance helpline (reverse charge from overseas).

You may be asked to provide the following information:

  • your policy number
  • phone number
  • your current location 
  • the nature of your emergency
  • the details of the incident.

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