Aleksandr Orlov

I am handsome and success businesskat and have many claws in many pies. Despite being talent singer and actorkat, I follow in footsteps of my ancestors, and take over family business of compare meerkats.

As founder of, I am help many peoples across Australia to compare meerkats through magic of the internets. I have valuable experience in compare over 400 different types of meerkat.


Founder –

As founder of I have brought business of my ancestors into the twentieth century. is provide essential service for peoples to compare! Is NOT place to go for cheap insurance deal.

Moviekat actor, writer, director

I take time out of building my compare business empire to tell thrillsy tale of my ancestors. I do not want toot my horn, but my movie films lead to many job offer in the Holly Woods. But of course Sergei would not cope without me.

Media & PR

I am often in the news for discuss my many many achievements.

Skills & Expertise

Business Entrepreneurism

Fluent speak of English language

Honed mongoose detection skills

Awards & Honours

I have collect many awards that fill glitzy cabinet at Orlov Mansion.

Young Entrepreneurkat

Russia’s top 100 small businesskats

Burrow Sleigh National Championships


Madame Meertropovich’s Academy for Talented Meerkats

She very strict teacherkat, but I owe Madame Meertropovich for mould me to success and ambitious businesskat I am today.


Fencing, courtyard golf, hallway archery